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Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews The essays included are informal, accessible musings, not sanctimonious sermons. They are intended for anyone who wants to take time to consider spiritual issues, regardless of his or her involvement in organized religion. The subjects addressed are universal: faith in God, forgiveness, appreciation of one's family, the fleetingness of time, the relationship between science and religion.

Any thoughtful person, whether Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or other, will feel engaged and enriched by the words found here.

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Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Why do some members of the family from nearby islands or from different generations spell that name differently? Other names are thrown into the mix- for this really is a very large family. Several theories are broached, some rejected, no-one really knows the answer, but everyone has a theory. That possibility is seriously considered but then rejected because as everyone also knows, those records are in Denmark or possibly locked up in the Virgin Islands — certainly locked up in an Archives somewhere.

There is general agreement among the group that even if there is some information in those records, there is no way to find out — those records created in the then colony of the Danish West Indies are not easily accessible. A brief regret, but the conversation moves on. Is it ever really possible to decolonize the archives? Is it possible to set aside an archival tradition, or does the successful decolonized society re-craft the archives, turn the tradition inside out, demand that colonial tradition give way to the cultural expressions and unique records of the decolonized society?

Perhaps when you finally stop worrying about those old colonial records, finally break free of that hold that those records have over you, when your colonial history is put firmly in the past—maybe in favour of a pre-colonial past—you truly decolonize yourself. But while that is easy to say about ephemeral issues like the spelling of a name, it may be impossible when those colonial records contain critical information about your family, yourself and your community. Colonialism is not a monolith. Each formerly colonized territory, each currently marginalized community has suffered still suffers colonialism in its own way and each seeks its own path to self-expression and self-realization.

How archives fit into that path-finding process is the subject of this journal issue. Letting in natural light is a great addition to any area used to find inner peace. Learn More. Some rock gardens have sand with rakes, which are meant to give us relaxing feeling when you make grooves in the grains.

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Just as this person did, you can mimic that look with a rug or tapestry that imitates this look. Adding some extra cushions for sitting or rugs for crossing legs could create a community meditation movement that would do wonders for you and your neighbors. This person has a wooden seat for visitors, you can do this with a couple of extra pillows. The high windows on the side walls and the singular circle at the end are calming to the eye. This room was designed with the Japanese style in mind.

If you mimic their simplistic decor, your practice should become natural in no time. If you have access to a great view like the one in this image then, by all means, add it to your routine. When you open your eyes after your practice looking out to something beautiful would be a great way to start your day. Yellow is a color that makes us feel good. If you use other monotone shades as the base and add a splash here and there for bursts of sunshine, then you can get away with a room good enough for relaxation.

You may not be able to add glass doors like this model, but there are ways to section off space for your practice. You can use the white curtains we mentioned earlier, or a room divider, or even a colorful tapestry. There is nothing wrong with believing in a deity or dedicating your practice to a religion. This is your practice, so make it mean something for you.

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Not only does it utilize some of the same breathing techniques, but it also adds to your overall feeling of balance and relaxation. All you need is a mat and a few feet of floor space.

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When you travel, turning your hotel room into a space for meditation is as easy as a pillow on the floor and a candle to light. If you travel a lot for business, then this could be just what you need after a long day of meetings and conferences. Whether you use decals or just paint them onto the tile, these few petaled images on the floor of this relaxation space add a sense of whimsy. When paired up with a tile or granite floor, the results are striking. Still, this technique could be used on wood as well.

Meditations On Life, Death, And The Haitian Diaspora | WUNC

There is something about the way silk feels that makes us feel special. The material is synonymous with the Far East, and you can drench your room in it if you like on pillows, draperies, and floor coverings.

Whether you use essential oils or incense adding your favorite aromas is a great way to add warmth and a sense of ease to your space. Whether it lavender, frankincense or sandalwood, essences are a wonderful way to enhance your meditation experience. If you have a screened in porch even better. The sounds and smells that will make their way to your senses while you breath will enhance your experience.

Warmth is a great thing to add to a room focused on healing your mind, body, and soul. Orange hues will add this well enough. You can get creative with light and dark shades, and by adding some orchids like the ones in this room will add a nice touch. Monotone hues are not the only shades pleasing to the eye when one practices meditation. So if purple is your choice, by all means, go mad. The wooden partition in this room adds a please texture to face while breathing. There are many ways textures can be added to your area.

Wood structures like this, more tapestries, or even stickers on the wall.

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White works in these types of spaces because it is clean and pure. If you paint your walls white, you will feel engulfed in the feeling white gives us when looking at it. It is the same feeling we get when looking at white clouds, white snow falling, and white swans. The lone light in this space, besides the sun coming through the window, is a perfect addition to the design theme.

It is simplistic but will add just the right amount of light when needed. One will do with an adjustable bulb or dimmer. Along with breathing practice and minimalism, tea is a long-standing tradition in Eastern culture. Sipping tea in a room like this makes it an experience that delights all the senses, not just the taste buds.

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If you take a look at this room, the cushion, the shrine, and the focal points are all places neatly into a little alcove or shelf in this wall. If you are limited for space, then this might work well. If you are short on space like most of us, then consider using an area in your bedroom. Our boudoirs are part sanctuary anyway so there is no area more private for your practice.

This color adds a sense of wisdom, creativity, and dignity.