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The Dream Catcher: 25 Steps: PAWS A Catalyst for Change

They are becoming well-rounded, compassionate, loving creatures who will not file a lawsuit against me for not putting them in piano lessons soon enough or for not reading with them 20 minutes every night. Secondly, I have decided to give up the feeling of pressure that comes up when my hopes, dreams and goals pop up.

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It is my hope that giving up what you must will create new space for you in your life and your yoga practice. Recent Posts.

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23 Hypothetical Questions!

Click here! Give Up the Hypotheticals.. Be Present NOW comparisons enough give up hypotheticals motherhood presence studio focus vonique wilson Feb 22, The fabric and nature of reality has long been the subject of science , philosophy , media propaganda , and even entertainment, in films like Abre Los Ojos Open Your Eyes remade in as Vanilla Sky.

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Among the book's most fascinating mind-benders is this passage on the probability -- the jarringly high probability, if all the math and hypotheticals check out -- that you are dreaming right now:. Contemplating the possibility that you are dreaming right now is certainly very perplexing.

You might think that it is also exceedingly unlikely, something in the same ballpark as hitting the jackpot in a lottery or suddenly dropping dead. There are various things that are theoretically possible, even though their probability is very low such as a monkey randomly hitting on a typewriter writing out the complete works of Shakespeare, or the sudden disappearance of objets to to an effect called 'quantum tunnelling'.

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If you don't worry that this book might suddenly disappear from your hand due to some bizarre quantum effect, why worry that you might be dreaming right now? The reason why you should worry is that the chances of you dreaming at this very moment are far, far greater. Let's do a quick calculation.

We optimistically assume that you get eight hours of sleep a night, which leaves sixteen hours during which you are awake. Sleep researchers have found out that there is a strong correlation between dreaming and being in so-called REM rapid eye movement sleep. REM sleep is characterized by rapid movement of the eyeballs; the brain is highly active, its electric activity resembles that of a waking brain, but the sleeper is more difficult to wake than during slow-wave or non-REM sleep. Taking the lower value and assuming that you always and only dream during REM sleep, this gives us 1.