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Carissa is a gentlewoman who made a bad match and was cut off from her family. After being left a widow, she is forced to work and finds herself a decent gig housekeeping for a kind old banker.

The most beloved devotional of all time.

Meanwhile, across the street, our hero Lord Hartleigh is a profligate, drunk, and of course rake. Summoned from a drunken stupor by a bundle left on his doorstep, his lordship is desperate, and seeks out the only responsible female he knows, Mrs. Kane, to help him figure out how to feed the baby. When he figures that taking her around for show might also beat away the marriage minded mamas and duplicitous debs, he jumps head first into a faux courtship.

Meanwhile, Carissa is merely helping a neighbor…one who she admittedly thinks is yummy…and finding it hard to resist his demands on her time and attention. The result is a bumbling comedy of errors where Heartless and the Housekeeper battle over child rearing, propriety, and yes, battle some villains.

There are some great supporting characters, lots of drama, amusing and witty dialogue, and an overall sweet romantic undertone. There are also a couple of villains, which adds to the action. Isa, Lea, Even, and others I can't remember who right now are confirmed to have returned to their full selves. That means their heartless had to have been destroyed. I assume that when they became nobodies, they immediately destroyed their heartless so that in case their nobody dies they will be reborn. That makes me question two things: 1 What were their heartless like?

Were they humanoid like Xehanort's own? Or were they just pure heartless like Sora? Zettaflare Ice Queen. I recall Nomura saying that their heartless were ordinary and that they were among the many that were killed by Sora and other keyblade wielders. In other words, they weren't humanoid and not important enough to show. Gram Banned. Joined Oct 9, Messages 15, Awards 5.

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EeL said:. Swoosh said:. Nomura: Well Sora has defeated many Heartless before now, hasn't he? To say that they returned to being human, their Heartless was probably included among those, huh?

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Even when Sora became a Heartless, he was a normal Shadow type. The details of their Heartless aren't really that important. Gram said:. That is indeed the case but that's only if a nobody is formed. A nobody is a rare occurrence so most people only form a heartless with the body just vanishing.

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  6. In those cases beating the heartless is enough. If a nobody is born however both must fall. To make it more difficult you need a keyblade or some other special means such as the light of a false KH to purify that heartless so the hearts free to recomplete with it's body.

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    Destroying a heartless any other way is just temporary. Yep: link: January Famitsu Interview Translated!

    Noel New member. Which, makes sense since Sora who has defeated Xehanort's Heartless and Nobody and now has come back in his Somebody form. It's more than likely that Sora had defeated their heartless version. Also from what I remember every time you had beaten a heartless boss in KH2. Maybe there is some crazy connection between the two? Noblesse Oblige said:.

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