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I repeat, we do not care about money here, only evidence. Modern medicine has lots of problems that need addressing. One of these problems is the intrusion of fake claims and practices such as homeopathy and Gerson therapy. Although not exclusively, this is the main aspect tackled in this blog. Oh, I almost forgot, you are right! Bjorn, Are you expecting a written statement from big pharma confessing all their lies and corruption? I am not a doctor neither a survivor, but I am an attorney and I have seeing how corporations lie.

You would have to travel and conduct your own investigation studying also and letting your believes on the side being objective. Then you will be able to come to a conclusion based on what your research takes you. Otherwise you are just a sheep following second hand information. Then you will have the authority to discredit other alternatives.

See my response to your similar comment here. Your comment contains so much muddled thinking, it indicates you have a poor grasp on reality. Oh really? Because everyone here is providing such concrete examples of their statements. He and his team have shown, again and again, and in many different ways, that much of what biomedical researchers conclude in published studies—conclusions that doctors keep in mind when they prescribe antibiotics or blood-pressure medication, or when they advise us to consume more fiber or less meat, or when they recommend surgery for heart disease or back pain—is misleading, exaggerated, and often flat-out wrong.

He charges that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed. Miscellaneous or unknown reasons accounted for the remaining 12 percent. The research purported to establish that for patients with peripheral artery disease PAD , intermittent claudication a condition in which exercise induces cramping pain in the leg treatment with a particular drug resulted in significant improvements.

Honestly, I could do this all day. And note that these are from Harvard med and the top medical journals that publish Dr. Here is an article showing some evidence in favor of Gerson therapy. But it is a hopeful beginning. Surviving against all odds: analysis of 6 case studies of patients with cancer who followed the Gerson therapy. Molassiotis A1, Peat P.

More questions? I already cited the limitations of the study and simply noted it as a beginning. But really, no response to Harvard med or my other amazing sources? I am aghast. SO AM I! I even have one publication with Ioannidis. Your first link explains how John Ioannidis tackled the reported links between individual dietary factors — particularly vitamins — and diseases.

And surely anyone with half a brain already knows to take studies linking specific nutritional factors as causes or cures for disease with a heavy pinch of salt. Google is not the place to find original sources. You seem not to know about PubMed, Web of Science or Medline, to name just three professional science databases. That cost includes all drug discovery, development, dead ends, overheads, etc, etc, etc, as well as the cost of testing. When can we expect to see Gerson therapy being rigorously tested?

Michael Kenny. Awesome job using the red herring diverting the topic to religion and ad hominem attacking the character attributes of the poster fallacies. I really have no idea where you get any of the ideas you threw at me. Why could I not be someone just like you? Someone who is simply tired of watching everyone go to the doctor and get more drugs that make them sicker rather than well? Looking back at your post, I believe the tactic religious apologists use is to tell people that atheism is just as pervasive of a world-view as a religion is — whether they want to believe it or not.

If you believe in religion, all information you take in is colored by that perspective: god has a plan, everything happens for a reason, god inspired you to do something, you are going somewhere after death, etc. If you have a pervasive worldview, you are not open to evidence of the contrary. Your mind will simply push it away as inconsistent with your worldview.

In that way, atheism is just as dogmatic as religion is. Then we could actually have a conversation on this matter. You are so right! It is well-established that breaching tissue planes can open up a route of spread for certain kinds of cancer particularly sarcomas , and it is very important that surgery is planned to take that into account.

I have also seen tumours metastasising to surgical and other scars, although this is a lot less common, and I would imagine that the healing process releases growth factors which also promote tumour growth. On the other hand, for localised tumours surgery usually achieves a long-term cure, and there are often no effective alternatives.

You might as well say that ambulances are sometimes involved in road traffic accidents and should therefore be banned. It is world known that corporations lie for profit. Illnesses make profits, so why would they be interested in curing? Easy SO now you keep believing in big pharma. What corporations do you have in mind?

The Gerson Therapy has cured my Lupus. I followed the therapy at home. To nourish your body with simple organic food. If I was to enter the hospital I would have been given drugs which cause more drugs to be given and so on and so on. Are you saying then that it is not true that an alkalized body can not host cancer? Vegetables, apple cider vinegar, lemon, what about pure cranberries?

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Why is this so impossible for most here to understand. You seem like a group of lemmings that works in the health industry, terrified to lose your jobs. Big Pharma and the powers in the government in the U. Talk about Tumeric — or the more targeted component — Curcumin, the inflammation decreasing properties are amazing — but YOU people would prefer to take a Tylenol. What does Tylenol do? Big Pharma-Big Money — you have been brainwashed. I suggest you learn about the mechanisms by which our bodies regulate the pH to remain constant.

There are a lot of reasons why Gerson Therapy might have worked for you, alkalinity aside. The high-quality and high-quantity diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, the supplements, the detoxing effects of removing junk food and meats, as well as toxins from your environment and health and beauty regimens, etc. Here is an article which explains why having a lot of alkaline foods can help you fight cancer, while not changing the pH of your blood. These plant-based foods — including citrus fruits and tomatoes — protect cells from damage, encourage normal cell growth, and other processes which help fight cancer and other chronic illnesses.

I would also suggest consulting a good psychiatrist… Living with persecution complex is hard. Shame on you for discrediting a major issue in our country, I surely hope you can sleep at night knowing you are NOT helping being a DR. Nutrition and detoxing the body is KEY and you know this to be true. May GOD bless and enlighten you and your colleagues!!!

Always curious about the mentality that needs to invoke God whichever of the they happen to favor at the time to try to win an argument based in logic?

Are you a well known daft about town? I think your God has killed enough of us with cancer that REAL scientists ought to be allowed to try to fight back. Really, Michael Kenny? Because you performed the same type of red herring above invoking religious apologists. If you are going to invoke atheism I have no idea why you would object to someone invoking whatever god they believe in. Seems a little excessive to me, but he might be compensating for other deficiencies, like common sense or morality.

Having recently discovered this site, I looked up Gerson therapy as I was curious from my own experiences. I remember four patients altogether. Three of them were dead within three weeks of starting treatment. I do remember that they all found the treatment very difficult and unpleasant not to mention expensive and none were able to manage the full five coffee enemas a day. Apart from trying to get my head round the idea that cancer could be cured by changing the pH and electrolyte concentrations in the body or that the therapy could even achieve this in the presence of functioning kidneys I did wonder what the true physiological effects were.

Of course it is an effective way of getting a lot of caffeine into the body very quickly. Nowadays we have the caffeine analogue aminophylline, which can be given intravenously and is much safer, as well as many other effective treatments for asthma though I will not pretend that modern medicine has all the answers, and the memory of a young man dying of asthma in front of me when I was a medical SHO has been with me all my life.

Top 10 Ways to Conquer Candida | Part 2: Food, Herbs and Supplement Solutions -

Then you need to do your homework. Gerson does not have ONE confirmed case of success. Just because they say so, does not make it true. No one said it was hon. Not even the doctors. Chemo gives time to patients. No one ever stated chemo saved lives. You came up with that all on your own. The only chance someone has for NED, is catching it early. Gerson filmed a documentary following six cancer patients doing the therapy. They all died. A gentleman on Youtube did the digging and found out this information.

Oncologists would have their brochures in their offices. If Gerson were the answer, the public would dive on that with a passion so fierce, it would be mind boggling. Fact: You cannot consume enough nutrition to cure yourself from disease. It is not physically possible. No one should be satisfied with the information tossed around out there unless it has been confirmed without question. That Chris guy who promotes Gerson?

No one has confirmed he even had cancer. Also, no one ever said people die from Gerson therapy. What they WILL die from however, is their cancer. Be really careful Brian. Question everything. Demand proof. Were Gerson the cure the world was looking for, it would be shouted from the rooftops and spoken about on the news channels.

It would win the Nobel prize. No one should ever believe anything they read on the internet and take it as the truth. What would convince me? Firstly, I would have heard about it before a couple of days ago. Secondly, oncologists from multiple universities and hospitals viewing successful cases studies would be available to the public and all cancer patients. Multiple cases studies. Saying doctors and pharmaceutical companies are keeping Gerson from the public, because of money is an irresponsible thing to say or claim.

I have been reading and reading what I perceive as a fair amount of negative and degenerative dialog following this posted article, but wanted to complement you on what I consider a very selfless and civil sharing thus far. I actually enjoyed your comments and arguments even if I do not fully agree, not based on scientific study or facts, but acknowledged personal logic, belief, and hope. Before I open myself to getting slammed, I think I understand at the heart of all this debate is whether there is strong clinical research, peer-reviewed studies, etc.

Caldwell Esselstyn, have a positive impact on cardio health and other human ailments. I read his book as well as the China Study and even though it is my understanding that T. Colin Campbell does not assert his research definitively proves any particular thing, it does seem to suggest with a high degree of probability that eating a healthy diet, high in whole foods and low in animal protein may have positive impact on ones health, reduce ones chance of activating cancer or deactivating cancer growth.

As a person who has been called intelligent at different times in my life, and who has also been formally educated and achieved a degree in law yeah, one of those degrees and profession humanity loves to poke fun at , I find it very hard to know what is true, what is correct, and what is right in this whole arena of natural verses pharmaceutical.

I do believe that perception, beliefs, and perspectives have a significant effect on how we understand each other, hear each other, and interact with one another. I know that pharmaceuticals, founders of industry and people of influence have impacted the greater masses in manners far from altruistic or positive. I know corruption exists on all levels of life and industry and there are very few absolutes in life. I believe there is good and bad on both sides of these discussions.

My understanding is the drugs that big pharmaceutical companies develop are extracted from natural plants that can give life or death; can heal or make us sick, as are true from the naturalist side of the industry in the realm of unregulated supplements and other concoctions. For me it is a shame that such an important topic is met with such disrespect towards each other to TRUMP a particular cause or idea.

I have read so much ugliness here that is, in my opinion, as deadly, painful and destructive, as the very cancers that are at the heart of these discussions. When I say heart, I am referring to whether a natural approach such as Gerson can promote viable recovery from cancer, or not. Someone mentioned Steve Jobs earlier and he is a person who has been on my heart a lot as I think about my own heath and my own struggle to grapple with this very topic, that for me is larger than Gerson, but encompasses life in general for at the root, in my opinion, is are we able to have a direct impact on our health and are we able to cure ourselves from cancer, heart disease, and other ailments by following strict natural regiments or are we really at the mercy of our genes, our environment and the luck of the draw.

I know that he allegedly later expressed regret for not undergoing the traditional treatment, but vehemently believed, possibly to his own detriment that he could heal himself if he at particular things. What was unknown to me at the time of reading his story, was I was unaware that he was allegedly a stringent whole foods consumer and had been for many years of his life, yet he contracted cancer but back to the overall discussion about what is quackery and what is hard proof. I am not science breed. I love science and studied it as deeply as I needed to, in order to earn the various pieces of papers I have achieved HS, BIS, JD but I cannot give you the requirements that must be followed to qualify as a valid study that meets the criteria expressed among this group.

I know the terminology, about blinded and double blinded, but could not give you their definition. What I can say is it seems harsh to be antagonistic, disrespectful, condescending in this forum. It is sad to read what seems to be many egos demanding or badgering one point of view or position, and this response is devoid of such expression and is further devoid of all that negative energy I have been soaking us as I have worked my way to the point of your response. Most of what I have read here, is why I tend to walk away from such discussion and not participate at all.

We all have busy lives. The question for me becomes, will I add any value if I open my mouth and share and could the value I add have a positive impact on the discussion as a whole? I do not dictate how any adult decides to conduct themselves but I can share when something someone writes has a positive impact on me.

I can share when something someone writes makes me feel proud to have shared a few moments of my precious life taking in what they had to express. That is what you have done and given to me. I mentioned Dr. Esselsyn and T. To this, what does a person say or do? I really do not know. What I know is Dr. Gerson probably gave his life trying to make the lives of others better and it is probably extremely judgmental to demean a persons life work, whether it is an effective alternative method to fighting cancer, a placebo, or whatever.

It seems to me, probably because of my legal training, unless someone can clearly illustrate that this man had malicious and intentional intent to harm those he took an oath or heal and protect, the level of judgment and vehement expressed is unfortunate. I am aware part of what ignites the emotions, is probably a zealous desire for one side or the other to no have to witness anyone get harmed from false information. That in itself is a beautiful intention, if indeed that is at the heart of such a debate, but when did name calling and expressing ourselves in a defamatory manner ever bring about something constructive?

We human beings are such a strange lot and I wish I knew if other life forms animal, insect, etc. I have been known to tell friends we are the most dysfunctional species on the planet. We are capable of so much infinite good as well as evil. That dichotomy is perplexing to me but I love us as a species and dedicate my life trying to help people become the best version of themselves, as defined by them. What I mean is I facilitate their journey, I do not dictate it.

Only each person can decide for themselves who they truly are and what their ideal self and life would be or could be. But I digress for this is not about me, it is about you. I simply want to say thank you for what you have shared and being so civil in your delivery. It was worth reading and did not leave me disappointed for expending my life reading it. This does not imply yours is the only reply worthy of such remarks. However, yours is the one that stood out thus far for me and generated something inside me to stall my research on whether naturopathic medicine is quackery or has a reasonable place in my venue of medical options to cure things that may ail me.

This is how I found this thread and post. She listed as part of her additional studies the Gerson Institute, presumably for purpose of detoxification of the body. I will find out tomorrow. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep an open mind. One is quick to label and judge others but I know for a fact, when I practiced law, I was deemed strange because I had a huge heart and was very compassionate. I learned to ask the write questions, and life some how made a way. Yes, people died and are going to die who fallow any particular treatment.

I do not know. What I know is there is room for discussion and sharing and I love the way you expressed your thoughts. I have enjoyed reading your interesting post. One thing that it does highlight for me is the difference in approach in those mainly educated in the arts versus the sciences. In the sciences, however, there is only one final arbiter and that is nature. I should briefly mention my own background at this point. I have had to retire early, however, as I now have an incurable cancer myself. Science is a method of finding the truth.

So far it has been the best method we have. Essentially it is very simple. You start with obervations, from which you form a hypothesis. You then make predictions from the hypothesis, and devise experiments to test the hypothesis. All the time you are trying to prove it wrong, not right, and if it stands up to these tests, then it is a good hypothesis. When you have failed to knock down your hypothesis, you can publish it, along with the evidence you have collected and details of how you have tested it.

Then everybody else tries hard to prove it false. Eventually evidence will be found that disproves it, and a better, modified version will stand in its place which is a closer approximation to nature. Scientific knowledge, then, is the best explanation that we have so far for how the world works.

It matters not if somebody has distinguished themselves in an illustrious career if they are wrong. Science is based on evidence, not authority or dogma. They have to think of their sources of funding and they are often judged on how much they have published and where. There is fraud, and particularly where the research has been funded by big business, undesirable results are regularly suppressed.

This does not invalidate the scientific method, but it does mean that care is required in interpreting the literature. The whole thing becomes much more complicated as soon as biological systems are involved. The huge variation between individual organisms, the complicated feedbacks and the varied conditions mean that whatever you try to measure is greatly affected by a wealth of random factors.

In order to tease out real effects from chance you have to understand the behaviour of random numbers, chance and probability, and our instincts here are very misleading, if not just plain wrong. Hence the branch of mathematics known as statistics was developed. Statistics enables us to discern true effects among randomness, to give us a measure of how sure we can be of our results or more usually, a measure of how likely we are to have obtained our results purely out of chance, which is not the same thing , and it helps us to design studies to maximise our chances of learning something useful from them.

Unfortunately, without some training in statistics it is very difficult to make sense of a scientific paper, particularly in the sphere of medicine, and it is very easy to come to the wrong conclusions. This is not helped when the authors of a paper are not very good statisticians themselves. When trying to assess the effects of medical interventions, there is a further problem, which is that the knowledge and beliefs of the subjects in the study strongly influence the outcome.

This is the placebo effect, and is the reason why most trials are designed so that the subjects, and if possible the investigators, do not know who has received what treatment. As a medical practitioner, I have always striven where possible to base my practice on my knowledge of the medical sciences, and on the evidence from clinical trials.

As new knowledge has arisen I have tried to keep up-to-date and to change my practice accordingly. I worked in a system where I had to study for many years and pass a number of exams to become an accredited specialist, where I was part of a multidisciplinary team, where practice and outcomes were continually being evaluated by audit and other feedback, where I was monitored and subject to annual appraisals and five-yearly revalidation.

What about those who treat sick and vulnerable people without these safeguards? Those who base their practice on schools of thought which have no scientific basis, and where no evidence has been found of their efficacy? Should I stand by and let this happen? Should you? I care not about the motives of so-called alternative practitioners, their intent to harm, or lack of it.

What matters are the consequences of promoting useless or dangerous treatment. At the very least we need to educate people better, to give them the tools to distinguish truth from falsehood, to be able to spot implausible claims, and to know what questions to ask.

What does it feel like to have chronic Lyme disease?

This is not going to be easy, I know. It is interesting that you mention Steve Jobs. In my experience, people who are well-educated, intelligent and able to think logically are the ones who are most able to convince themselves that they are right, against all evidence otherwise. What people believe is generally what appeals to them most, and they are very selective about the evidence that they will accept. This seems to be particularly true of scientists, as soon as they step out of their own field, however rigorous they are within their own area of expertise I can think of a few Nobel prizewinners who have very strange ideas.

Also You Oncologist get kickbacks from Big Pharma and you know this. Your are about the Money!!!!!. There is plenty of research claiming that numerous phytochemicals and specific aminoacid restrictions have decisive impact on cancer development and outcomes. What about the five cases presented by Gerson during the hearings in the Pepper-Neely bill of ?

Government Printing Office. Well if Chemo is so Great why does Cancer Keep coming back. If it cures Cancer. So Chemo is just a Bandaid Not a Cure. I believe in alternative treatments for curing cancer but Gerson Therapy has a lot of flaws in it.. The reason cancer spreads is because the immune system is weak.. If you want to take lots of fruit and veg, it has to be hardcore stuff like broccoli, brussel sprouts, leeks, spring onions, garlic, blueberries, pomegranate, pineapples.

By the same kind of evidence and reasoning, a Vodka is also highly effective against cancer cells. There is some evidence that certain dietary factors affect the risk of getting particular cancers. This kind of research is always difficult due to the long lead time between dietary exposure and the appearance of diagnosable cancer, the impossibility of controlling a diet for the duration of such a study 30 — 40 years and the multitude of confounding factors.

There is no reason to suppose that dietary factors influencing the appearance of cancer will then influence its behaviour once it has become established. The behaviour of cancer cells in culture, or indeed animal models, is very different from the behaviour of tumours within the human body, and many promising approaches turn out to be ineffective, too toxic or unworkable. There was a widely-publicised study showing that pomegranite juice reduced the level of PSA in patients with prostate cancer. However, it is important to remember that, while PSA can be a very useful marker for how prostate cancer is reponding to treatment, what really matters is the wellbeing of the patient.

What was not publicised was that the numbers were small, and the study was funded by the makers of pomegranite juice.

A colleague of mine Professor Rob Thomas, Consultant Oncologist at Cambridge — UK, that is is very interested in the influence of diet on prostate cancer, and he developed a supplement called Pomi-T containing extracts of pomegranite, broccoli, turmeric and green tea. In a prospective randomised trial of early, low-grade prostate cancer, those taking the active treatment went on to have fewer prostatectomies than those on placebo.

An interesting result, but further research is required to establish the place of this preparation in the management of prostate cancer. I would be interested to see the data supporting the treatments that you are advocating. Could you supply some references? It highlights many shortcomings of how the study was conducted, and also how Campbell seems to have cherry-picked the correlations found in the study which support his conclusions many of them were not very strong and may have been entirely due to chance. However vast in scope it was an observational study of a cross-section of a population at a specific time.

It used historical mortality data as a surrogate for the expected fate of the individuals assessed, who were assumed to have the same risk as their forebears. The nutritional composition of the diet was not directly measured but based on standard tables which did not take account of geographical and effects such as soil quality.

There is no question that environmental factors, including lifestyle factors such as diet, have an enormous influence on health and cancer risk specifically. The China Study appears to be addressing this question, but I am not convinced that it does it very well. Unfortunately it is very difficult to tease out specific factors which may be exerting their effect over the entire lifetime of the individual, or may only be important at certain times, such as childhood, adolescence or even during gestation.

Indeed, we know that epigenetic mechanisms enable environmental conditions such as famine to affect health several generations down the line. In any case there is no reason to suppose that factors that might influence the risk of cancer in the first place should have a similar effect once the cancer is established. In other words if eating dairy produce increases cancer risk, then this does not imply that avoiding dairy produce would be an effective treatment for cancer. There is also the question of how applicable findings in a rural Chinese population are to the typical Western caucasian.

To take the example of dairy again, many Chinese along with most of the population of the world are lactose-intolerant and cannot drink milk. However, those of us in the West who are descended from the original domesticators of cattle have evolved to tolerate lactose and indeed milk has been an important component of our diet for several thousand years. I am certainly not against a vegan diet, and in any case livestock are a significant contributor to global warming.

The subject here, i. Now this is the interesting thing: the author expected his audience to do the reverse by default. It was self-evident to him that coffee enemas are dangerous hence the quote is self-evidently dangerous and also that his bullet points are self-evidently true — in which case, why publish in the first place?

In contrast I read every word of your post. It is better than either this website or the link you posted because it is interesting e. When a scientist publishes their findings, all the other scientists working in the same field will try hard to find all the problems in it, and this nit-picking is part of the scientific process. It is expected and even invited and is not regarded as an attack, but a way of getting closer to the truth. Usually the strongest critics are the authors themselves, because they know that if they miss something, somebody else is going to pick it up.

Science is not like party politics, with each side trying to convince voters that they are right. Scientists know that if they are proved wrong then progress is being made. It is dangerous in science to assume that something is self-evident. Different things are evident to different people sometimes a cause of dispute between me and my wife , and this is dependent on what they already believe or know. I once met a very intelligent and well-read lady in India as part of her preparation for a visit to England she read the Bible from cover to cover to whom it was self-evident that turning on a light switch somehow invoked a kind of demon or spirit to illuminate the room.

Coffee enemas are indeed dangerous. Apart from the risk of perforation they are a way of getting much more caffeine into the system than is possible from drinking coffee, and this does have profound pharmacological effects. In any case the more we look into it the more it seems that individual tumours rather than tumour types interact with the immune system in different ways. This is an exciting area of cancer research and has already given us new drugs with many more following behind.

This something-right still works OK today e. Three months ago I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. A bone scan confirmed the cancer was still restricted to he prostate. Gleason of 7, PSA of I have no complaints. The consultant surgeon was suggesting taking the prostate out, the consultant radiologist suggested, yes, you guessed it, some radiation treatment.

Again, both offering subjective and unbiased views, of course. I decided to go down the bi-carb, B17 and vegan diet route with lots of supplements. I am honestly concerned that the option you chose is going to shorten your life; please reconsider! Actually there is no evidence that prostatectomy prolongs survival, though urologists as a whole are somewhat resistant to randomised trials in cancer treatment on the grounds that they already know how to treat it a source of much frustration to me over the course of my career. The evidence for radiotherapy is better, and indeed the mindset of oncologists is much more trial- and evidence-orientated.

The only effect of bicarb will be to increase his blood pressure due to the sodium load and B17 is unlikely to have any effect other than a small risk of death from cyanide poisoning. Some supplements have been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer e. He may, of course, be taking something with an anti-androgenic effect, which would lower the PSA and perhaps slow the cancer a bit. Provided that the cancer is adequately monitored e. There are some here who are experts in their fields, and some who are wise, and some who can write well.

I seem to have the same energy I had when I was 18 years old. Have you read, The China Study? By Campbell — everyone should read that first especially oncologists. That, I believe, is why the Budwig diet works — since reading The China Study, I have also further limited the small amount of animal-protein there, as well. I have just looked up the Budwig diet. The ideas behind it seem to be based on a very simplistic, and completely wrong idea of how the body works and the pathogenesis of cancer. Survival figures come from clinical trials and are useful in comparing one treatment against another, but have little bearing on the fate of individuals.

Nevertheless your symptomatic improvement is consistent with something reducing your testosterone level, and this could be related to something that you are eating. Survival from metastatic prostate cancer can be many years. Nevertheless there is robust data showing that chemotherapy given relatively early in the course of treatment has a substantial effect on survival and wellbeing except of course during the few months of the chemotherapy.

The benefit was much less in other trials looking at chemotherapy after other treatments had failed about a 3-month improvement so it seems to make quite a big difference how soon the chemotherapy is started. Whatever claims might be made for the Budwig diet, I doubt if their proponents can supply the same robust evidence. However, perhaps they are promising you a cure. I should add that a lot of people are understandably frightened of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and ultimately it is a personal choice, but you should talk to your oncology team about exactly what treatment involves and what the side-effects will be before making a final decision.

Even with side-effects your treatment is unlikely to be as bad as uncontrolled cancer. That is much better than the false sense of control you get by relying on diet alone. The reason I am doing Budwig is not just because of the pain I had, but to reduce the chances of the other diseases of diet too e. As far as I can tell, Gerson and Budwig simply discovered what The China Study proved, but much earlier, no more or less. I decided not to take the Zoladex or the Bicalutamide because of the side effects. I just want quality of life, not quantity — but the hospital said that I might last as little as a year or maybe as long as several years, it was very depressing — especially as the whole process was drawn out into two months of tests, MRI, bone scan, CT scan, biopsy etc — you are just a cabbage, waiting for things to happen to you.

The alternative, I discovered, is very positive. Gerson just discovered these things earlier as did Hippocrates — as Campbell points out in the last pages of The China Study. Are you referring to your chances of surviving to five years? Or your chance of dying of something else, other than prostate cancer? Much of this data is age-standardised, which is a statistical trick allowing you to compare data e. It is primarily useful to professionals and particularly to people who are planning various aspects of health-care systems.

It is not intended for giving a prognosis to individuals and it can by quite misleading to try to use it that way. Similarly, survival data from clinical trials are for comparing treatments, not predicting what will happen to an individual. There are many ways of presenting data for different purposes, and as your link pointed to the section of the site aimed at health care professionals, it is assumed that the reader will have some training in statistics a prerequisite for practising oncology.

I should also add that these figures were published in , which actually makes them out-of-date now. They probably came from patients treated before we had enzalutamide and abiraterone, intravenous radium or even widespread use of intensity-modulated radiotherapy. I agree with you that the Gerson diet is impossible. It also makes you feel awful, due to the disruption of electrolytes that it causes, and all but one of the people I have seen who tried it were dead within three weeks. Gerson had some mad idea that cancer was caused by an imbalance of sodium and potassium, and the idea was to correct it certainly coffee enemas will put your potassium up and your sodium down.

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Did you know there are over 60 different autoimmune diseases? Patients often feel trapped and that their only way to overcome the devastating symptoms of autoimmune disease is to take medications for the rest of their life. Here is a list of possible tests our team may recommend to help not only manage the symptoms associated with autoimmune disease, but address the root cause:.

We know that what triggers autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Lupus can vary from person to person. At CentreSpring MD, we dive deep into our patient's complex medical history to uncover the root cause or causes that have brought them to a state of poor health. Unlike many conventional medical practices, we do not simply diagnose and attempt to cover the symptoms with drugs. While medications may be a part of treatment, potential triggering factors such as viruses, food allergies, environmental exposures, past and current stress are all taken into account and addressed on an individual basis.

We focus on optimizing gut health through diet and targeted supplementation. Many of our patients benefit from our IV therapies such as Vitamin C, methylated B vitamins, and more. To find out more about how we can help you manage and find relief from your autoimmune disease, call At CentreSpring MD, our goal is to help patients learn about their individual risk for cancer through various tests, including digital thermography breast or whole body , stool tests for colorectal cancers noninvasive alternative to colonoscopy , cancer biomarkers through blood panels, and Pap smears for reproductive organ screenings.


Additionally, we focus on preventative measures by managing body alkalinity, inflammation and nutrition evaluations. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, we work to support the primary treatment plan in place and rely on our extensive network of partnerships with top cancer centers, experts and researchers across the country. Foods that increase inflammation include sugar, refined oils, refined carbohydrates, conventional dairy products and conventional meats. If you consume animal protein, always choose the healthiest options including grass fed beef, pasture-raised eggs, hormone and antibiotic-free poultry and wild fish.

Consumption of greens like spinach, kale, collard green, arugula and watercress, as well as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower help with hormone metabolism and decrease certain estrogen metabolites associated increased risk of cancer. Creating an alkaline environment helps to weaken cancer cells by neutralizing acidity and increasing cellular oxygenation. As part of each visit at CentreSpring MD we evaluate your pH level and one of my favorite recommendations to improve pH levels is to use Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in filtered water.

Including Dim, I3C, omega 3, probiotics, digestive enzymes, B vitamins, turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin D, NAC, glutathione, resveratrol, iodine and many others can be very helpful.

Lyme Disease Bites – Remission from Chronic Lyme!!!

Cancer is a scary diagnosis to navigate on your own. Here at CentreSpring MD, we will walk with you every step of the way, in sync with your cancer specialist. To find how we can best support you in your fight, please call Heart disease and Diabetes are diseases of inflammation, which often begin far before high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar instability. Our team of experienced providers work hard to lower the risks for every patient and provide the most comprehensive diagnostic tools and treatment plans available.

Let our caring team find your true risk for these diseases. Several key tools we provide:. There are also many integrative and natural ways to ensure your heart is and stays healthy for years to come. For your main sources of sugars and carbs, choose low-glycemic index fruits and vegetables, like broccoli and cherries, and whole grains if your diet includes grains.

But watch out—those grams add up quickly! Strive to eat more than 20 grams of fiber per day.

You are a Super Attractor! In this 26-minute audiobook introduction I’ll tell you why.

This not only lowers cholesterol and improves bowel function, but helps to prevent overeating as well. This includes organic poultry, grass-fed beef or wild game. Wild-caught, sustainably harvested fish are the best source of seafood. Avoid predator fish that accumulate heavy metals, such as shark or swordfish. Vegetable proteins such as organic tempeh, beans, kale, spinach, quinoa and oats gluten free are also good choices of protein.

The ideal BMI for men of average build is about , but may appear higher for very muscular physiques. Alternatively, you can purchase a body fat measuring device online to track your weight loss, aiming for between percent body fat. To improve heart health, just include simple practices such as stretching for 10 minutes before bed, going for a brisk 20 minute walk times per week, and doing light resistance training 2 days per week.

Learning your genetic, family and congenital history is important for predicting and preventing health issues, but aim to address and minimize the risk factors you can control. These include: smoking, excessive drinking, recreational drug use, response to stressors, inadequate sleep, uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes and high cholesterol. Stress seems built in to our culture and society.

We probably cannot change it, but we can work on our response to our unique stressors. Incorporating a mindfulness technique such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong, or medical hypnosis can work wonders in managing stress and improving your heart health. Prevention is the key to your health and a good doctor will help you get there!

Find a doctor you like and trust and schedule regular preventative visits, not just sick visits. Get annual lab work, colonoscopy, eye exam, hearing test and other indicated screening tools before disease surfaces. Studies show that men and women who are regularly intimate with their life partners are more satisfied in their relationships and are generally happier. Consume fruits and vegetables of every color of the rainbow each day. Phytochemicals, the pigments in plants, are potent antioxidants that are not only colorful, but help reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

To find out more about our integrative approach to improving and maintaining your cardiovascular health, call us at High-cholesterol can be a serious indication of your health due to its well-known indication of heart disease. Cholesterol is actually produced in the liver, and is essential in the production of hormones and vitamin D in the body. We also all know that statins are the common drug prescribed to effectively lower LDL cholesterol.

However, we are learning that particle size and subtypes are helping doctors to determine whether statins may or may not be helpful. At CentreSpring MD, we believe that managing cholesterol levels adequately should involve more than just medication management. Lifestyle modification that includes changes to diet, exercise, sleep and stress all play key roles in reducing cholesterol. Unfortunately, high cholesterol does not show any outward signs or symptoms itself, so it is difficult to know if high cholesterol is posing a risk to your heart.

As mentioned above, conventional approaches include the use of statins, but also often recommend weight loss and a healthy diet as a key component in lowering your cholesterol. In integrative medicine, we take it a step further and look at the whole body, including your lifestyle, for treatment options. If you are one of many patients in this country confused about cholesterol or dismissing your numbers, it may be time to take a good look at your numbers with one of our providers.

In addition to the standard lipid panel LDL, cholesterol, triglycerides , the VAP test or LPP test may be helpful in helping you and your doctor determine your true cardiovascular disease risk. This leads to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, and malnutrition. While conventional medicine tells you there is no cure, and only prescribes medication to mask your symptoms and likely cause scary side effects, here at CentreSpring MD we know there are integrative options to help you find healing.

It is possible to take back control of your health through diet and lifestyle modifications. While your specific diet will depend on your unique makeup, medications, and other factors, there are general rules you can follow to find relief through nutrition. Some general rues are:. While it often goes undiagnosed, depression is the most treatable form of mental illness.

A reported million people suffer from depression worldwide. If you are one of those affected, we want you to know you are not alone. We take an integrative approach to healing depression, rather than just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms. If you suffer from clinical depression, which is not associated with or affected by external situations, there is a natural path to healing. We also look deeper to rule out any other serious causes, such as certain typed of cancer, or infections such as AIDS, mono, viral hepatitis, or neurological disorders. You can learn more about our approach to depression and how you can get your life back by calling us at Research has shown that you can keep diabetes at bay permanently just by changing your diet, which is part of the three-pronged integrative approach we take to treating prediabetes here at CentreSpring MD.

There are ways to reverse diabetes with diet alone. Go high fiber, low sugar. Fiber, best in the form of fruits and vegetables, takes longer to digest, preventing insulin spikes and blood sugar peaks and valleys. Aim for 40 g of fiber a day. The average American gets only about a quarter of that! This will also help manage insulin resistance and can help you avoid or minimize use of medications. Consider these 13 Delicious Low-Sugar Dinners. Add superfoods.

Fenugreek, garlic, vinegar, and aloe vera are considered to be diabetes superfoods. Watch your diabetes markers improve once you start adding fenugreek seeds and garlic to your favorite recipes, dressing salads with oil and vinegar, and drinking a few daily ounces of aloe vera juice, available in drugstores.

In studies, mindfulness meditation reduced blood sugar spikes and improved hemoglobin A1C scores—a diabetes marker—within 3 months in people with diabetes. Stress can cause blood sugar to rise, so managing daily tension is critical for diabetes prevention. Devote 2 to 3 hours a week to practicing a stress-management technique. Try Gymnema sylvestre. Add this to a diabetes-beating supplement regimen that includes 2 to 3 g of omega-3 fatty acids, mg of alpha-lipoic acid, and mcg of chromium picolinate daily.

Check out other herbs that heal. For almost ten years, our Centre has successfully treated an array of GI disorders. In recent headlines, digestive health seems to take center stage, and good gut health is a commonly discussed theme. Older systems of medicine like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have established the importance of optimal digestion for centuries. In the integrative medicine community, good gut health is the key to long term wellness. Approximately 70 percent of the immune system is centered in the gut. What are the most common symptoms of digestive disorders?

Digestive disorders will present bloating, diarrhea, constipation, reflux and abdominal pain. The symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to severe pain. What are some common triggers of indigestion? Triggers of poor digestion include stress, poor diet including ingestion of undiagnosed food intolerances, structural abnormalities and nutritional deficiencies.

Hormone imbalances can also lead to digestive disorders and vice versa. What are some typical digestive disorders you see in your patients?

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Common digestive disorders include irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colitis and reflux. These can be diagnosed through blood and stool studies and imaging. Occasionally biopsies may be warranted if symptoms continue to be baffling. At CentreSpring MD, patients are often placed on a gut restoration program. This may involve dietary changes and supplements.

Some natural supplements include pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes and Omega-3 supplementation. Digestion heals as inflammatory proteins are taken away and creates the right mix of bacteria is in the gut. Good bacteria, found naturally in yogurt and kefir, help promote digestion and metabolism of food. Bad bacteria contribute to yeast overgrowth in the gut wall and many of the symptoms patients present. Why is good gut health so important to our overall wellbeing? Good gut health is the foundation of wellness. It may prove to be the key in preventing cancer, autoimmune disease and hormone imbalances.

Let our caring and knowledgeable team help to your leaky gut and fix your digestive issues, so that you can thrive again and find the healing you need to be healthy. Are you starting your family planning or dealing with infertility? Our team believes in a comprehensive approach to fertility and recognizes the interaction between hormones, nutrition, stress and genetics. We also use complementary care, like fertility massage and acupuncture, to support your body in prepping for conception.

We will assist in preconception planning and develop an individualized fertility plan for your family. We all know that women are trying to get pregnant later in life and that is one factor. Unfortunately, the women that we meet in practice are diverse in age and race, but similar in their emotional and frustrating attempts to get pregnant.

Why is there so much infertility? After a very successful season at our practice this past Spring and Summer, our patients are becoming pregnant when we pay attention to the following:. We have noticed that there is very little attempt to understand how all these factors are linked together to create the right microenvironment for conception. In the long run, this approach saves money, time, and a lot of heartache. To find out more about our approach to fertility, please call us at Fibromyalgia is widespread muscle pain that can be debilitating.

There is no specific cause for this pain, and it is often long-term. There are natural ways to reduce this pain, and find relief from fibromyalgia. At CentreSpring MD, we often recommend a specific diet that aims to reduce inflammation. That diet includes:. We also recommend that patients avoid gluten, sugar, processed foods and excessive alcohol and caffeine. Supplements such as magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D3, d-ribose, and ashwagandha also greatly help in the management of pain and symptoms.

For a customized treatment plan to reduce and eliminate your Fibromyalgia pain, call us at At CentreSpring MD, we look for root causes of your symptoms and checking a variety of hormones is a part of our workup for most patients. Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, insulin, leptin, cortisol and a complete thyroid panel are a few of the hormones that we evaluate regularly.