Managing Cultural Change: Reclaiming Synchronicity in a Mobile World (Global Connections)

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This vital new guide to providing support in this changing world is ideal for those working with young people, and those who provide support and supervision to youth support workers themselves. This comprehensive resource can be used as a textbook on supervision courses, or as a professional handbook.

Managing Cultural Change: Reclaiming Synchronicity in a Mobile World - Open Research Online

It will help readers to understand the underlying concepts behind support and supervision and to engage with the concepts, models and techniques that determine effective day-to-day practice. In addition, the book clarifies the benefits and limitations of support and supervision by drawing on the knowledge and experience of those currently involved in youth support.

The collection of writers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from academic and practice-based backgrounds to help practitioners, their managers, the organisations for which they work, and those on a wide range of professional training courses. This text is the most comprehensive account of these various democratic innovations.

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Written by an outstanding team of international experts it examines the theories behind these democratic innovations, how they have worked in practice and evaluates their success or failure. It explains experiments with new forms of democratic engagement such as:Direct DemocracyDeliberative DemocracyCo-GovernanceE-DemocracyDrawing on a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and with a broad range of case studies, this is essential reading for all students of democratic theory and all those with an interest in how we might revitalise democracy and increase citizen involvement in the political process.

Reading is a highly complex skill that is prerequisite to success in many societies in which a great deal of information is communicated in written form. Since the s, much has been learned about the reading process from research by cognitive psychologists. This book summarizes that important work and puts it into a coherent framework.

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Like its predecessor, this thoroughly updated 2nd Edition encompasses all aspects of the psychology of reading with chapters on writing systems, word recognition, the work of the eyes during reading, inner speech, sentence processing, discourse processing, learning to read, dyslexia, individual differences and speed reading.

Psychology of Reading, 2nd Edition, is essential reading for undergraduates, graduates, and researchers in cognitive psychology and could be used as a core textbook on courses on the psychology of reading and related topics.

World Geography: Cultural Diffusion Part 1

In addition, the clear writing style makes the book accessible to people without a background in psychology but who have a personal or professional interest in the process of reading. Learn useful strategies for marketing health and wellness programs.


This important new book presents a cross-section of current research and commentary on wellness and prevention issues. The 17 authors—representing 11 different institutions—are some of the most active health care consultants in the academic community.

They discuss studies for hospital based programs, workplace programs, and governmental and educational institutions. Important marketing concepts are used to segment the work into several sections. Included are chapters which help to define the actual product lines which should be grouped into wellness and prevention programs, studies that define several important market segments, and chapters on channels of distribution.

This timely volume concludes with an analysis of current research efforts and directions for future research. Her client South-Western Publishing Co.

The Conflict of Urban Synchronicity and its Heterotemporalities: Asynchronous Citizenship

Envisia Learning Leadership Development, Blog s What I have always liked about Lee and Anita's material and now Jorge is that along with providing great amounts of knowledge and insight, they provi Toxic Workplace! Jossey-Bass, Successful management of todays increasingly diverse workforce is among the most important global challenges faced by corporate leaders, human resource managers, and management consultants.

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