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Can you defeat all comers to claim the ultimate prize? The Dice Throne awaits a Champion. Moon Elf. The core box of Dice Throne Season one Season two expansion is currently live on Kickstarter until 9 th March Contains all you need to play up to 6 players. Inside your box you will find,.

The gameplay in Dice Throne is very reminiscent to Yahtzee in so much as you Roll five dice. You then keep some of the dice and then re-roll up to twice more trying to achieve certain combinations. While on the surface this might not sound like it gives much scope for player interaction or battling. Dice Throne is so much more than first meets the eye.

Each player will equip with a different character. Each character comes with their own player board, deck of cards, ability leaflet tokens, combat tracker, life tracker and a character specific set of 5 dice. Play is carried out over a series of Phases. So what is all this talk of abilities then? Obtain 3, 4 or 5 of a specific symbol to deal direct damage. Small or large straight will activate more advanced abilities for example the Pyromancer might gain some Fire Mastery to allow them to deal damage undefended by dice rolls.

The Barbarian might Stun an opponent allowing a second immediate attack for free. Each character also possesses an Ultimate ability for 5 of a kind. These attacks can deal a larger amount of damage and multiple special abilities simultaneously. An added bonus is that these attacks cannot be defended by defensive dice rolls only card abilities can reduce the damage received. These abilities and much more will be at your disposal as you attempt to reduce your opponents to Zero life points and Claim the Throne.

Shadow Thief. Dice Throne is a lot of fun to play. You are still reliant on a lot of luck. Accept this and you will enjoy yourself. Games do not take too long to play especially at 2 or 3 players. Also having to roll for targetting is at one and the same time both refreshing and annoying. This is a game that I really enjoyed playing and can heartily recommend.

Dice Throne is very suited for Family play and meet-up evenings and refreshingly also suitable for game night play scaling well from 2 all the way to 6 and allowing for some fun rivalry and banter. What is Hack Trick? You are two hackers. You need to complete hacks for money and reputation. Your mission, infect a critical combination of global servers or destroy one with a concerted attack. You need to achieve this before your fellow hacker. You need to prov e your ability as the greatest hacker alive.

What is in my Box?

Pyromancer Speedruns in a Nutshell

Hack Trick packs a surprising amount of fun into a few components. Inside you will find,. So a card game then? Sort of. Originally released in Mind Fitness Games have re-implemented and improved the gameplay with the introduction of a global map. Where you can place your Virus cubes are restricted through the use of cards and your Hack can also be intercepted with you Virus being intercepted and quarantined. How does it work? Each player has a set of Virus cubes. The aim is to place three Virus cubes in a straight line either Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally.

This signifies a successful critical virus attack winning the game sound familiar? The other way to win is to succeed in placing three Virus cubes onto a single server. This signifies you destroying the server. What about the cards? Where you target your Virus cubes is not just a free for all. You start the game with a hand of three cards from a deck of 18 numbered and a communal face card in the centre of the play area. On your turn you place a card onto the central area, using the sum of the top card and your played card will allocate your target. You might choose a card to allow you to try to get the eponymous 3 in-a-row.

Or will you try to get 3 onto one target. Another option could be to deliberately target an opponents hack This will capture their virus and remove it from their game. You are not usually forced to play see below You can opt to draw a card instead. This will strengthen your hand and give you more options going forward. You are about to be pleasantly surprised. As well as capturing opponent cubes they are not only removed from the opponents pool but can also be turned against them. At the start of your turn you can remove the captured cube from the game to force your opposition to reveal the sum of their cards.

This can provide you with valuable information. After placing your cube you could decide to remove on of yours from the game to force the opponent to play a card or to protect you from the same retaliation. So lots of opportunity to mess with their plans. Who is it for. Hack Trick is a very light weight quick playing game. This is a game that is easily played by younger players.

Not really game group or meet-up use as only for 2 players. But that being said you could play it on the train or in the car while travelling to or from somewhere or even while waiting for food to be served when out and about. My thoughts. Light, Fun, non-heavy. Easy to access for all players. Perfect travel or waiting play game with enough strategy to actually need you to concentrate.

This game will now be forwarded onto another reviewer.

I have tried not to let this influence my review. A preview by.

the philatelic canadian 97 Manual

They tried to control Nature via the use of powerful stone artifacts. This energising of the artifacts granted them great power. Those who were less prepared however risked releasing dark spirits into the real world to create havoc unless they were contained. Do you have the power and abilities to utilise these artifacts?

Can you stop the dark spirits from breaking into our world? Will you become the most powerful of all the mystics? Your battle for mystical supremacy will take place using. Note: The copy of Darkness I received to preview was a prototype copy. As such quality and quantity of components are liable to alter as stretch goals are achieved. Also note art work and minor rules changes are likely. You and up to four opponents will compete to gather mystical artifacts and valuable relics on your journey to victory.

Over the course of six rounds you will gain points from the collection of these with the ultimate aim of having the most mystical score and being crowned as the head of all mystics. You all start with an identical set of 15 animal spirits and each round you will use the power of some of these spirits to try to claim artifacts or relics. The more you collect the more valuable they will become at the end of the game. OK so about now your itching to know how to claim these artifacts and become the all powerful mystic leader.

Well I will tell you. Your starting set of animal spirit cards are colour based in sets of 3 five different colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. Now first off for those that have colour sight issues. You will be pleased to note that all of the cards have vastly different artwork to enable you to differentiate them. The icons used are replicated throughout the game whenever that colour is used. Initially a series of artifact cards are revealed. Each of these have a primary and secondary animal spirit aligned with them.

At the end of each round the mystic that has used the most of the primary animal spirit will claim the artifact if there is a tie then the secondary will be counted. You will also be aiming to claim powerful relics. These can give you big point boosts or special abilities. These are claimed at the end of a round by a player who has managed to play five animal spirits that match those required for the relic. Regardless of weather you target the relics or the artifacts. The round is played in three phases.

In each phase you secretly select a diminishing number of spirit animal cards from your hand. When all players have selected you reveal your chosen cards. Once the third phase is complete you will have six face up cards in front of you. All players then return the animal spirit cards to their hands. The central tableau of artifact and relic cards is then replenished ready for the next round. Be warned though, all this mystical activity will call forth the dark spirits.

When these appear they need to be dispelled to avoid terrible havoc. To dispel these dark spirits at the end of a round, one player must have used a matching number of animal spirits. If this happens the dark spirit is cast out and order is returned. After you have completed six rounds points are awarded based on the number of artifacts in each set you possess. From 1 point for one card through 16 points for 6 cards up to 67 for a set of twelve. Darkness is an interesting little game. It falls neatly into the filler category and plays well at various numbers. Play is easy to learn and also to teach.

It feels very familiar in its structure. At its heart Darkness is a set collecting game but one which tries to add something a little different into the mix. It is due to launch onto Kickstarter on 6 th March It is a little too lightweight for game groups. The artwork is nice and distinctive.

I was provided with a copy of Darkness to preview as part of the BGE group. Yes, it is from the same people who brought you Downsize , Mined Out and most recently Farsight. Well following on from that eclectic mix, they are back. This time they want you to build an Hotel. But no ordinary Hotel oh-no that would be no fun at all. You are tasked with building, the most horrifyingly scary hotel possible. Things are never that simple. Because not only are you going up against other entrepreneurs, who are set on making their hotel the best. You also discover that the local builders who are working on all of your properties have become home to a spectral nuisance out to make your lives even trickier.

Do you have what it takes to make your hotel bloom and the guests scream? Inside the box you will find,. Please note, the copy I received is an early prototype print and as such while the rules themselves are almost finalised. The components are going to improve dramatically and the artwork may undergo some changes. These should only serve to make the game much more attractive to all players. Each player will start with their Hotel lobby front door this, in keeping with all the best hotels in the world and quite a few of the worst is in the middle of the ground floor.

This process is made slightly more complicated by the ghost haunting the builders yard the window tiles tableau. This ghost will restrict your selection of tiles to just three each turn. Each of these will consist of either 2 windows side by side or vertically. Still sounds easy hey? Not so fast there. Each window tile also has vines growing on it and flowers blooming. These flowers have the power to give you points. But only if the vine they are growing from can be connected to the Door tile. And only then if the flowers are matching in colour to those shown above the door.

I thought that would make you stop and think. Well yes I did. Most of the windows have a monster or scary creature inside them. They might be Spiders, Voodoo dolls, Ghosts or even worse now you start to understand the section headings. These creatures of fear are important to your success. This is because as you complete a floor you attract a Guest to the hotel. Each Guest is afraid of something this is shown by their image. When placing the Guests you will be trying to align them with their fears, either Horizontally or Vertically based on their card icons.

You will be scoring points at the end of the game based on your success at lining them up and this is harder than it first seems. Oh dear I do not want or cannot take one of the available window tiles. Well never fear save that for the guests. If you find yourself stuck you do have an option to build 2 blank walls. While this will mean you miss out on some windows scoring opportunities. It is not all bad because the wall tiles have lots of vines to help you connect other flowering tiles together. Once all players have completed their hotel construction you calculate points based on flowers correctly connected and guests aligned with their monsters.

The highest total points is the winner. However once I started to read the rules I was very pleasantly surprised. It very quickly became clear that there was much more to this game than many other tile games. The amount of thinking over which window tile to select was surprisingly high given the variety of creatures and the orientation of the tile. The scoring of the guest in conjunction with monster location added a lot more forward planning in what at first appearances is a cutesy art game.

Once you start connecting the flowers to the door as well, you are suddenly putting even more thought in. This is not to say this is a heavy game, It is a light filler. Simple mechanics, Surprisingly thinky, Quick playing, Easy to teach, Easy to learn and Suitable for family, meet-up play,. I will be passing this copy on to another reviewer in the BGE group. Alcyon Creative. What do they all have in common? You and your crew are piloting a spaceship on an adventure.

Every week is a new adventure while there is an overarching story running throughout the series. Space battles, Heroes, Villains, loss, Love and Friendship. Now welcome to the new kid on the block and in cardboard form at that. Take on missions and Take Sides. Your decision in one game affects the later decision making and of the overall campaign.

Big claims. But does it live up to the trailer? As this was a preview prototype copy components were not final. You will have modular space hex cluster which will be used in a variety of layouts for the campaign. Lots of chits, Hero cards, Intel tokens, upgrade modules. Dice, Ship cards Damage trackers and exhaustion tokens to name just a few. The artwork that is on show is beautiful and very thematic.

All images are of prototype components and subject to change. Even though the rulebook was an early copy I was impressed at the clarity and ease of access. Where many games have a simple set up image and you need to work it out from there. Here we have not only a comprehensive set up guide but also a step by step tutorial to learn how to play. When I say step by step I mean it. The tutorial even had the die roll results needed for the information to be clear. Not only that, you have not one but two tutorials.

The first gives you a basic understanding of the core rules. The second tutorial goes into more depth dealing with combat etc. In fact all the info you could need, nicely laid out. Yes there are some minor errors here and there but that is to be expected in a preview copy and will not be evident in the full release copy. There will also be a full campaign book as well containing progressive storylines.

The decision you make in one mission will affect options and available actions in later missions. I only had access to the first 3 of these and they showed a huge amount of promise. This really does have the potential to create a boardgame that emulates the feel of the aforementioned sci-fi epics. Enough of the excitement hows the play? You start by setting up the space map according to the current scenario.

Each player is assigned System Orders for the weapons, bridge or hanger. Players set up the Ship Status board, Intel tokens and any other required information is placed onto the space map. Heroes are assigned to the various ship systems. In a two player game the extra system will be controlled by either or both players it is a Co-Op after all.

Your Ship miniature is placed onto the starting sector and your ready to go. The available actions each turn is based on the available heroes and crew morale. Your options each turn will be chosen from the following,. As you would expect being in a metal can in the violent vacuum of space can be a bit dangerous what with Solar Flares, Super Nova, Black Holes and Geomagnetic Storms to name just a few.

Then you need to factor in the basic homicidal nature of just about every race of aliens. Space Combat and Space Pirates. If you manage to survive all this you might just dock at a friendly Spaceport to spend your hard earned credits. Super Nova. Undertake missions for the Cartel or the Federation, side missions from the corporation. Decisions you make will gain or lose you reputation until you reach a point where you are forced to choose a side Who will you work and fight for?

Warp Speed. All of this on its own is enough for me to recommend you seriously looking at Ironclad when it becomes available to buy. But if none of that has convinced you yet, There is more. Yes even more than a twelve part space opera with side missions and decisions causing long lasting consequences. Having looked at the various component options already included. Your story does not stop there. Just like the best Sci-fi series you can have a season 2. This with just individual missions you can make up yourself.

Want to run some smuggling operation, Bounty Hunter or Gun for Hire? If you can think up a premise for a mission you can build it in Ironclad. The possibility for invention is very promising indeed. Space exploration, Heroic actions, decisions that count, Continuing Story Arc, Campaign and potential for inventive play.

All of this makes me say Look out for this and get ready to buy it. The only negative is that it is only for 3 players. It should be available for pre-order soon. You naughty naughty naughty alien! You have broken some space laws and did not say you were sorry. Off to prison with you. You find yourself locked up and abandoned on the prison planet of Zartaclaton. Where you will have time lots and lots of time to ponder your poor life choices. Like getting caught for one. Suddenly the ground starts to shake violently. It is a moonquake. Who thought building a prison on a planet with an unstable core and a moon with an erratic orbit was a good idea?

As the buildings start to collapse under the stress of the quake you find yourself FREE! Unfortunately your only free of the prison the planet is being torn apart by the quakes. Your only hope is to reach the escape rocket. There is however a small problem. Well several of them to be accurate. There are several other prisoners who are out of their cells, A homicidal prison guard intent on stopping you, Permanently! Use whatever means necessary to stop the other inmates and get to the rocket first while avoiding the guard.

Make sure you have enough energy to blast off before it is too late! First thing to say about the components in MoonQuake escape is that they are fun. As is signature to Breaking Games releases expect lots of Orange in the colour scheme. Everything looks and feels nice but not over the top.

The board is a 3D revolving affair with folding corners to allow for safe storage. It has a novel orbiting Moon which acts as an energy supply spinner and player marker. All of this serves to make MoonQuake Escape visually accessible to non hobby gamers which is something that can only be considered a positive. Playing MoonQuake Escape follows an easy to learn and teach, turns broken into phases system. There are 4 phases to a turn or round,.

Initially when you look at MoonQuake you will think kids game. Do not let it fool you it hides a level of light strategy and gentle take that. All of which will allow young Timmy to stick it to grandad with a Grenade Launcher. While still offering a fair level of play for a board game meet-up evening. I am not sure how much table time this would get with a regular games group, who would probably be looking at heavier weight games. I have enjoyed playing MoonQuake Escape to review. I would consider it to be a nice gateway or family rainy afternoon game.

The mercenaries Elisia and Barsul argued for each side, respectively. The former meant completing the quest and stopping the orcs once and for all, and the latter meant saving the mountain pass. The minotaur chose to save the mountain pass. Descending into the cave, Torion found lava and small orcs that were throwing flaming capsules into the inner chasms. Trolls as well as an orc champion appeared to challenge Torion's party. After stopping the "ritual," the mountain began to shake and the party returned to Merchaise. Sunday, August 19, Yuno Gasai.

Friday, August 17, Lurking in the Forest. He waits for you in the forest Thursday, August 16, Concept Art: Blight. Saturday, August 11, Group Picture. Fantasy Group. If my friends were fantasy characters, this is what I would envision them to be. Also one of my first pictures using Photoshop and my drawing tablet. Who they are and some interesting tidbits from left to right:.

Elven ranger No H. There's a very small image of an owl on her hand. Paladin Jorem.

He's carrying a book of M. Me, Artificer Moose. Because Artificers break magical rules and make their own stuff. Wizard Julian. Jorem's son, seems like a different persona. Warlock Jonathan. Looks malicious, seems to be connected to darkness. No reason, just kind of reminds me of one. Bard YT. They tell unbelievable tales, and seem unemployed. Dwarven warrior Nicholas. He's carrying a lot of stuff Like a sherpa. Look to outside sources like the constellations, sun, moon for guidance.

Cleric Casey. Her magic is probably a healing light, or it could be a radiant fire. Ninja Patrick. Uses lots of throwing things. The elements on his clothes are connected to playing card suits. The elementalist used elemental bolts of lightning to devastate her foes, and the shaman commanded his spirit raptor to support the party.

More members of the bloodspear orc clan attacked the heroes, including grenadiers that threw firebombs for incendiary blasts. Torion managed to keep most of the enemies away from the others, but ranged attacks were able to bypass his defenses. Hadarai nearly fell off the mountain but managed to teleport back to safety. The minotaur fell off a bridge and was forced to fight ogres armed with greatclubs.

Despite heavily stacked odds he managed to endure the assault by the giants. Large half-trolls joined the fray and proved difficult for the heroes to keep down due to their regenerative abilities. Eventually, Elisia slid the enemies off the mountain and Hadarai equipped his acid longsword to end their constant revival.

Lost Orphans in the Forest The party reached the entrance to the cave where the orphans are being held. Soren took a break to drink his ale, for a short moment endangering the heroes with his absence. Brainwashed eladrin materialized in the forest and though the party managed to free them from the magic that held them enthralled, the fey refused to aid them. Thorry the Reckless could not seem to hit with his attacks, and the constant barrage of enemy fire sent the dwarf unconscious. Vanielle focused her shadow powers on the eladrin winter knights, but their proximity to each other and their defensive powers significantly decreased the damage.

Story 1: Chapter 3. This is chapter 3 of the story I am currently working on. The Flame Mage. It was a circle of blue metal and circumscribed with a cross. He placed it into her palm and closed her fingers over it. Until then you may use it to protect yourself. Arana nodded and placed the necklace around her neck. The clasps as well as the chain that held the circumscribed cross were made of golden metal. I believe their strong personalities may cause more grief if either one led the way.

I trust you with this important mission, Arana. Good luck. Let us discuss something when we return. The rogue kept the trust Izarin had placed in her close to her heart. That warm feeling that came from authority figures gave her strength and uplifted her determination. It was her time to lead these two and prove her worth. When she returned she would ask for the contract between Mahr and Asen, master and servant, and thus bind them closer together.

She felt warm feelings whenever she interacted with Izarin. She did not love or like him, but it was more of a deeper and profound respect. I will not fail again. On this I promise as a rogue of Calias. She placed her fingers of both hands in front of her mouth like a gate, trapping the oath she made in her mind. They had ridden their horses through more fields of barley, golden wheat and the silver wheat to the Swamp of Farothen. It seemed to symbolize Coruscar, a reflection of his personality.

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They stayed in silence through most of the trip. Arana was her normal self who found the need for talk almost unnatural. Salla kept her mouth shut so she would not get into an argument with Coruscar. And the Paladin decided conversation with these two was not worth his time or the demeaning of his station. In the end the swordswoman could not hold back her temper and broke the silence. The heroes chose their quests and mercenaries and split the party. The elf assassin drank more than she should have. The tiefling tried to purchase cheaper, lower quality ale, but Soren was not fooled.

They returned to the Bahren forest and were greeted by mind controlled elves. Like zombies they attacked the party however they were able to dispel the magic by weakening and then talking to them. A shifter ranger named Dawn helped the heroes after they freed her from the spell. Unlike with the elves it took longer for her to be brainwashed by the orphan taker.

The tigress was unable to remember what monster did it. After fighting elves, brainwashed eladrin attacked them. Again they worked together to weaken and free the ensorcelled fey from the corrupting magic. Orcs of the Mountain Torion and Hadarai recruited the bookworm eladrin sorceress, Elisia. Together the three of them climbed the Pass of Elgoz in order to fight the orcs that were raiding merchants and travelers that passed through. They survived the first assault by the bloodspear clan, a powerful tribe of orcs and ogres that charged the party. After he was saved, Barsul, goliath shaman aided the party with healing.

Wednesday, April 25, Meet the Mercs: Dawn. Dawn is a razorclaw shifter seeker from the primal circle. She was part of an adventuring company exploring the woods of Duskhome when her group was captured by a controlled elves and the powerful hag that dominated them. The hag, unable to brainwash her party killed them. Dawn, being primal in nature, was able to be taken over by the hag's magic, though it took considerably longer than the elves. The young lycanthrope is not very good at diplomatic matters and tends to be serious.

She prefers a more direct approach in situations, and is first to take the blame for failure. Her major goals include protecting and spreading nature, and she greatly dislikes the feel of civilization. Meet the Mercs: Barsul. He speaks with the spirits of the earth and works in protecting it from the destruction of others. Not one for direct combat, he prefers to heal others and shield them.

He prefers the mountain landscapes rather than towns or lower environments. Knowing that he cannot protect nature by himself he becomes a mercenary. While on an assignment to defeat the orcs robbing merchants along the Pass of Elgoz, Barsul was abandoned by his ill-prepared and inexperienced adventurer group. He continued with the quest without support unable to retreat when he learned the orc tribe was breaking the land. He joined the heroes in order to protect the pass and rid the area of the orcs.

A girl stands in the darkness of a room that resembles a normal bedroom. She is in her teens with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a simple blue gown soiled with sweat and dirt. Because the room is dark you can only barely see a bed, a desk and a dresser. There are no windows or doors into the room, but two large panes of glass that make up the walls.

Through the first wall opposite the bed you can see only darkness. However as you stare at the other glass pane you can see through to scientific equipment and a man dressed in a lab coat sitting in a chair observing the girl. Beside him is a nurse or assistant standing and waiting for anything the scientist or doctor might require.

The girl stands in front of the second pane of glass and looks directly at the scientist but to her it only reflects her own image. Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom. It is the doctor talking. Thursday, April 19, Story 1: Chapter 2. Here is Chapter 2 of the current story I am writing. While it might be separated into more than one chapter and revised, the overall feel should be the same. Chapter 2. The dragon was not made of gold. He simply enjoyed bathing in it. He would use his dragon breath to burn the treasures he had gathered and stored in his cave within the Firebreath Mountains and when the gold had melted he would roll in it until it covered his entire body.

The wood and gems would often be burned or destroyed out right, but he did not care about things like that. Only the gold was important.

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  7. He craned his sinuous neck and glanced at his body. Some of the golden skin was flaking off. When he would fly off in search of food pieces of the gold would fall, or when foolish heroes would try to slay him, they would slice off portions of his self-made armor. He would need to find replacement treasure in order to fill in the gaps. Should he fly around the farmstead of Calias and wait for a traveling band of heroes or merchants? Perhaps he should strike at one of the smaller towns—inns and bars often accommodated returning heroes rich with claimed treasure.

    The last option he considered was attacking a castle that belonged to a powerful lord or evil mage but he quickly put it out of his mind. It would surely be filled with traps, powerful beasts or knights. While he knew he would prevail against such paltry defenses, it seemed hardly worth his time and effort. Aurion, the powerful golden dragon of the Firebreath Mountains decided that he would fly over one of the outlying human towns and try to get lucky.

    As he glanced outside one of the natural windows of his cave he saw a fluttering of red fabric in the distance. It seemed to be moving closer towards the mountains and straight for him. Tuesday, April 17, Intermission. Sorry for the delay in getting more posts out. I had some personal business to take care of, nothing serious but definitely time consuming.

    This included jury duty, though I was not picked for the trial. It also included family visiting which while not completely a hindrance to my writing, definitely is a distraction. A good distraction though. Now that there are less distractions in my life, I will continue to support this site and write more. Please enjoy my thoughts. Story 1: Interweave. This is a story that will be weaved within the current story.

    A little bit of this secondary story should be added to each chapter. However what follows includes a large portion of it. Please enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think. Story 1 Interweave Flames burst from his hands and swirled around him. It was beautiful and as long as he held onto the magic he could feel himself slowly fade away into the dark recesses of his mind. He succumbed to the allure of power, felt the tiny image of his soul begin to minimize until all he saw was the brilliant snake flames like serpents wading through grass burning the humans to blackened ash.

    The power of his magic overwhelmed him, flooded into his heart and embraced him in its warmth. The flame mage heard the soft, creamy voice in his ears. The voice had a different beauty than his magic, something gentle and sensuous and in no way dangerous. It belonged to the woman in front of him.

    It belonged to a woman that loved him as a younger brother. For an instant he wanted that emotion to be more, but stopped himself. Her heart belonged to someone else. Nasaral looked at the woman in front of him. His cheeks became warm and he felt a faster tempo against his ribcage. The rogue picked up her daggers, placed them in the hidden folds of her clothes and folded her arms. Her soulful eyes pierced into his being, drawing out all the good feelings he thought about. A wind blew through her shock of black hair, and the woman combed through her mane with a gloved hand. Maybe a knock on the brain will wake you up.

    Behind Nasaral was a very tall elf wearing bright white robes. His pointed ears stabbed through long blond hair and drew attention away from his blue irises. If you have not forgotten we have an important mission we are trying to accomplish here. We were sent here to eliminate them before they enact their ritual. There is not time for playing. Story 1: Chapter 1 Revised. Here is an excerpt of Chapter 1 of the story I am currently working on.

    Please enjoy and remember that it is just a draft. Story 1. The building had a sign of a silver piece cut in the shape of a moon. Probably to suggest how cheap their drinks are, Salla thought. The female swordswoman quickly glared at all the tavern customers causing them to quickly turn away and resume their business. Salla usually did make an entrance, but she never liked the attention. I have to remain calm there is a prospective buyer for my services. Then again, maybe he will see the fire and spirit that I bring and consider me a better candidate.

    Salla took out the note from her belt pouch and read it over again. The note also said that only female adventurers need apply. Well, if the man wanted to try anything suspicious, Salla would be ready with a dagger through his hand. But for four hundred gold pieces she would ignore these mild details and just keep up her guard. She saw the red robed man sitting at a table in the corner of the inn. He was eating a steak and some bread with cheese and talking to a young woman dressed in simple leathers. The swordswoman hurried over and sat in the unoccupied seat.

    It looks like she can barely hold a sword. The red robed man turned to her and stopped his conversation with the other woman. He had black hair and piercing green eyes that evaluated her in a few seconds. Relax and I will get to you in a minute. She waved to the bar keep for a local ale and a small serving of ham and bread. The journey to this small town had taken a long time and she had not had anything to eat since morning. A serving girl, a young blonde with pigtails, placed the food in front of her and took a few coppers. Quietly, she ate her meal and listened to the conversation.

    Do you have any special skills? The woman from Calias looked younger than Salla, her blond hair was shorter and her complexion was much darker. She paused for a second and thought about his question. She pulled out a dagger and threw it at the dartboard on the far side of the room. Salla was impressed by her speed and accuracy. You are hired, Miss Arana Shevian. Here is 20 gold up front for any expenses that you will require. The red robed man narrowed his eyes and sighed.

    The party made its escape from Lord Bastar's castle. As they passed through the rooms, they encountered guards and Thorry the Reckless used his bluffing and diplomacy to confuse them and to make them fight the devils. Eventually they did their best to fight a few of the devils with the aid of the guards and mages of Lord Bastar's security forces.

    A treasure appeared in front of the heroes and Thorry the Reckless chose the Songbow of Lullabies as his reward. The heroes left the keep with hordes of devils overrunning the castle. The heroes traveled to Merchaise, a major trading port on the western side of the Sarinam mountain range where they spent a month recovering from the previous adventure. Vanielle traveled to the Mercenaries Guild and learned about the process of hiring mercenaries. Thorry the Reckless bartered with a shopkeeper. Torion visited the tavern where he drank against a strange dwarf in robes and passed out in the process.

    Hadarai visited the library where a little girl altered his current magical gift.

    Blog Archive

    The heroes decided to split up and handle a few quests on the tavern's quest board. Kohver is a magical city that floats over a the Cellian Lake. Because of an ancient kingdom swallowed by the giant lake, students of magic especially those in search of magical artifacts, are drawn to the city of Kohver in order to excavate. Evidence uncovered by archaeologists and magic users has suggested that the kingdom swallowed by the lake was buried by a powerful primordial of water and predated many of the current cities on the Erisia-Iridesse continent.

    The floating nature of the city as well as the lake forms a natural barrier against land incursions, protects it from orc, ogre and other mountain tribes that come from the Sarinam Mountain Range. Kohver also houses a few portals that reach other realms most notably the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. The area of Syrn, which sits just north of the now called Trillium, was the major battleground of the Mid-Land Lordship Wars.

    Originally the area was the seat of power of one of the four lords that governed the now changed Four Cities, a massive city in the center of the Erisia-Iridesse Continent. At the beginning of the major war, the four lords had peace and controlled the Four Cities through cooperation. However, after squabbling turned to mistrust, and mistrust became open hostility, the four lords began organizing troops from the Four Cities and the entire continent. Many people became mercenaries and were drawn into the war, however a major shift changed when three of the powers allied together in order to defeat and split the Lord of Syrn's land.

    In a desperate gamble, the Lord of Syrn called upon demonic powers in order to survive and defeat the combined powers of the three lords. The magic users that enacted the unholy ritual were infiltrated by agents of the allied forces and managed to sabotage the ritual. With the ritual improperly conducted, the area of Syrn was obliterated by the omnipotent magical forces. Now all that remains of Syrn is a broken and devastated land, devoid of vegetation and natural forms of life.

    Elisia is an eladrin sorceress who specializes in elemental magic. She blasts enemies from afar with bolts of elemental lightning, thunder and cold magic. She enjoys helping others and is extremely altruistic. Elisia often sacrifices herself or puts herself in danger in order to follow her nature. When she is not adventuring, Elisia spends her time reading books about all subjects often getting lost in the information she internalizes. While still rather inexperienced with parties, her solo practice and days spent at her magic academy have helped hone her skills in combat. She only needs to work on social conventions.

    Soren is a dwarven swordmage, which is a rarity for his kind. As a mercenary he joins parties that need a helping hand and provides them with the powers of an arcane defender. Melding magic with his sword skills, he keeps enemies away from party members and punishes monsters that strike his allies. Like many dwarves, Soren enjoys drinking ale. He has tried various varieties of liquor though he prefers his dwarven spirits and other dwarven refreshments.

    Soren also enjoys gambling and making silly wagers to pass the time. When he's drunk, Soren is a rather amiable fellow. However, without ale in his system, he becomes grumpy and hard to manage. After traveling in the labyrinth for a few hours, Vanielle lead the party to a large pool of water. Surrounding the pool were piles of gold.

    Cautiously the party filled their bags with the coins. As they stuffed the final piece into their pockets, a young black dragon emerged from the pool. It tried to extort them for every single gold piece they had. The black dragon confused Elius by saying that they were thieves. Thorry the Reckless managed to convince Elius that it was an evil black dragon and that it probably earned the treasure through duplicitous acts. After defeating the dragon, the party entered the throne room.