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The books had copious details, hundreds of footnotes, and monstrous distortions of key facts. In , Corsi produced another No. It, too, was a best-seller. As a prominent birther, Corsi became better acquainted with Trump. Corsi told me that he spoke to Trump several times regarding his research.

An Anthropologist Looks at American Psychiatry

Corsi remains a birther. There was a birth certificate. There was an announcement in the newspaper.

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It was just a totally normal situation. The fear of an enormous conspiracy conjured by Corsi, and more or less embraced by Stone, sounds like an invention of the Internet era, but it actually represents a venerable strain of American political thought. In the mid-nineteen-sixties, Bernard Bailyn, a historian at Harvard, upended the study of the American Revolution by revealing the centrality of conspiracy theories for the leading minds of the era. Previously, the primary influences on the Framers were thought to be Enlightenment figures such as Locke and Montesquieu.

Kennedy, the fulcrum of modern conspiracy theories. Both Stone and Corsi wrote books about the assassination for its fiftieth anniversary, in He explores the purported roles of the C. Stone told me that he and Corsi first connected when they exchanged e-mails about their Kennedy books and bonded over their mutual disdain for the Bush family. Stone and Corsi saw their opportunity to help Trump in July, when, the week before the Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks released thousands of e-mails that had been obtained during a hack of the Democratic National Committee. The e-mails showed that Party officials used their influence to advance the candidacy of Hillary Clinton over that of Bernie Sanders, and this revelation threw the Convention into an uproar.

Julian Assange , the founder of WikiLeaks, had boasted publicly that he had more e-mails that he would release to embarrass the Clinton campaign. Stone and Corsi resolved to find out what else WikiLeaks had and to hasten its delivery into the political bloodstream. The chance to further embarrass the Democratic candidate, especially close to the election, was the kind of dirty trick that Stone had always sought to spring.

Euroscepticism: More than a British phenomenon –

Stone reached out to his friend Randy Credico , whose peripatetic career included time as a standup comedian, a radio talk-show host, and the director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice, named for the late civil-liberties lawyer. Over the summer, Credico had Assange as a guest, by telephone, on his New York-based radio show. The case against Assange was later dropped. Malloch asserts that he did not speak to Assange and did not give any information to Corsi.

Impact planned to be very damaging.

Dossier 3: From the Pakistani Press

And suddenly it hit me. There were about ten officials that were handling ninety per cent of these e-mails. And none of them were John Podesta. After the Democratic Convention, news reports began linking Manafort to shady dealings as a political consultant. These allegations have not been substantiated. Thomas Aquinas. On August 21st, Stone issued the most scrutinized tweet of the entire Mueller investigation. Stone said that the August 21st tweet meant both Podestas, but this may be a position he has adopted to make the tweet look less prescient and thus less suspicious.

Coverage of their contents consumed a great deal of the last month of the campaign, and proved highly damaging to Clinton. If the August 21st tweet referred to just John Podesta, Roger Stone had predicted the WikiLeaks disclosure six weeks before it happened. Stone and Corsi would seem to be in a position to answer one of the major questions in the Mueller investigation: whether anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign knew more about the WikiLeaks disclosures than has so far been acknowledged. Since the American intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian hackers stole the e-mails and provided them to WikiLeaks, proof of any nexus between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign might establish collusion, and possibly crimes like conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The D. Subsequent investigations revealed that Podesta was hacked in another operation, which used a different form of attack. His most bizarre accusation is that one of the prosecutors, Jeannie Rhee, a prominent Washington lawyer, attempted to intimidate him with her choice of clothing during his grand-jury testimony. Corsi disclosed the draft to the public when he rejected a plea deal offered by Mueller. In fact, the prosecutors stated, Corsi had tried to reach WikiLeaks and had recruited Malloch to help in the process.

In public comments, Trump has denied ever speaking to Stone about the organization. It would not necessarily have been illegal for Trump and Stone to have discussed WikiLeaks in the summer of , but, if it were established that they had, that would prove that the President has been lying to the public about his role.

Stone also said he would argue that any false or mistaken statements he made to the committee were immaterial, because he has not been charged with any underlying illegal conduct. A Presidential pardon is a possibility, but Trump, in his CBS interview, said that he had not considered pardoning Stone. Stone and Credico met more than a decade ago, when they were both advocating for marijuana legalization in New York.

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  8. But the relationship has always been combustible—Credico is a man of the left and was a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter in —and Stone and Credico are now estranged. He gave up a name.


    They have all the e-mails. They know what happened. I was asking him to do his Frank Pentangeli impression. Individual stories often head in different directions and only sometimes intersect. The Russians helped Trump, and the Trump people lied about the Russians. But why did so many people lie to Mueller and the other investigators? Were they lying to cover up crimes—or were they lying simply because they are liars?

    The Watergate scandal was like Shakespeare—a drama that built to a satisfying climax. The Russia story is more like Beckett—a mystifying tragicomedy that may drift into irresolution.

    Did Trump collude, and did he obstruct justice? Mueller may never have the answers.

    The Midnight Manifesto

    Criminal defendants customarily remain silent when they are facing trial, but Stone has used his indictment as another opportunity to defend the President, and himself. Luhrmann examines the world of psychiatry, a profession which today is facing some of its greatest challenges from within and without, as it continues to offer hope to many. In this groundbreaking book, Tanya Luhrmann — among the most admired of young American anthropologists — brings her acute intelligence and her sophisticated powers of observation to bear on the world of psychiatry.

    On the basis of extensive interviews with patients and doctors, as well as day-to-day investigative fieldwork in residency programs, private psychiatric hospitals, and state hospitals, Luhrmann shows us how psychiatrists are trained, how they develop their particular way of seeing and listening to their patients, what makes a psychiatrist successful, and how the enormous ambiguities in the field affect its practitioners and patients. How do psychiatrists learn to do what they do? What is it like for psychiatrists to deal with people who are in emotional extremity?

    How does the choice between drug therapy and talk therapy, each of which requires very different skills, affect the way psychiatrists understand their patients? Boldly and with sharp insight, Luhrmann takes the reader into the world of young doctors in training.

    Tanya Luhrmann is a psychological anthropologist and a professor in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University. She received her education from Harvard and Cambridge universities, and was elected as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences… More about T. Luhrmann By T.

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    Luhrmann Best Seller. Category: Psychology Category: Psychology. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About Of Two Minds In this groundbreaking book, Tanya Luhrmann — among the most admired of young American anthropologists — brings her acute intelligence and her sophisticated powers of observation to bear on the world of psychiatry. Also by T.