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Jan 13, Lynne Young rated it it was amazing. I have always enjoyed reading Ms. Wiseman's books but this one grabbed me from the first sentence on the first page of the first chapter. It was that good. Right from the beginning the reader is drawn into Danielle's plight.

She suddenly finds herself in a situation a lot of women can relate to and we walk through the emotions with her as she comes to grips with what now is her reality. But nothing goes right, or so she thinks. She had a hard life growing up, has been abandoned by her Amish boyfr I have always enjoyed reading Ms. She had a hard life growing up, has been abandoned by her Amish boyfriend when she needs him the most and now her Amish best friend has offered to do the unthinkable - for her. Because God had a plan. This book kept me up late reading because I just couldn't put it down!

I had to see and experience what would happen next. Is there conflict? Well, of course, but it is mild conflict and resolved quickly. Is there a lot of passion, no not really but there IS a lot of love. And forgiveness, And healing. We get to experience the wonder of God as we see how He changes lives for the better.

I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to read. View 1 comment. Aug 22, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: amish-fiction. You will not be disappointed. Right away I was caught up in the life of Danielle, who was pregnant with Matthew's baby. He's Amish but getting ready to leave the faith. She was hopping that he would marry her and become a family together but that was not to be. God does have big plans for her though. It was amazing to see how everything unfolded. Even though this book is fiction, the Bible says that " God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God Very encouraging for each one of us.

I received a free copy from NetGalley for my honest review. Dec 31, Krissy P Kris rated it liked it. She was just a whiny brat. The H of the story, Levi, was wonderful, really did love her and was willing to give up everything for her, although I am not sure why. I'm not usually a fan of Christian Romance I grew up Catholic, but still I hate being preached to but I like Amish stories, so go figure.

View all 4 comments. Oct 14, Rachel Brand rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian , kindle , , amish , romance. How can she raise this baby, alone and at the age of eighteen? His heart also breaks when he hears that Matthew refuses to take responsibility for his child. Levi is sure that he can keep his faith while being married to an outsider, but even Danielle feels uncomfortable with all that Levi is giving up to be with her.

Can they really make this marriage work? His Love Endures Forever may examine the ramifications of premarital sex and the difficulties the Amish face when they leave the faith, but it also contains many of the typical features of Amish fiction. The importance of forgiveness, always associated with the Amish, also resonated throughout the story. Christian novels tend to shy away from exploring relationships in which one person has little or no faith, or they present such a relationship as doomed from the start.

Occasionally, they avoid this awkward topic by having the faithless character suddenly turn to God just before the wedding. I appreciated that Beth chose to show how Levi and his family gently guided Danielle in her faith without being too pushy or overbearing. Her turnaround in character never felt sudden or forced, and even I was quite surprised that Beth was able to show such different sides of a person in one single book. I expected their marriage to come across as one of convenience, almost like a historical mail-order bride story or another similar plot device. I appreciated that, despite their unconventional situation, they were able to make their relationship work with relatively little difficulty.

As His Love Endures Forever demonstrates, Beth never fails to produce realistic stories with believable characters whose struggles truly resonate with the reader. Review title provided by Thomas Nelson. View 2 comments. Mar 15, CaliNativeBalboa rated it really liked it. I'm hooked on this series in spite of myself. They're just so darn interesting in a light reading, mental break way. The story opens with Danielle's realization that she's pregnant by her hot Amish boyfriend, Matthew.

Naively assuming that he'll be thrilled to be her baby daddy, she is shocked when he refuses not only to marry her, but remain in the community. Enter Levi, Am I'm hooked on this series in spite of myself. Enter Levi, Amish babe and Danielle's best friend, who feels called upon by God to marry and support Danielle even though his family disapproves and he's been courting an Amish teen, Sarah. This is a great series for those who need a reassuring, calming and upbeat story as well as an escape from deeper, challenging fare. Excellent story of forgiveness and love.

Danielle, the main character, is a young woman who comes from an abusive home and mother. She lands in an Amish community that is a bit more accepting of the English, and is adopted into an unique family. Her best friend in an Amish guy as is her boyfriend.

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As events unfold, she becomes pregnant, abandoned by her boyfriend, married to her bestie and the the trouble multiples! Thru a tangled mess of female relationships, Danielle comes to love herself, her Excellent story of forgiveness and love. Thru a tangled mess of female relationships, Danielle comes to love herself, her mother and her LORD. Well written, very good characters you will care about and a realistic setting and interactions between the Amish and English.

Highly recommended. May 17, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-clean , amish. I enjoyed this book. It is about listening to the Lord's plan for your life and forgiveness, both in others and yourself. I really disliked the characters who meddled and grew to love those who were trying to do what was right. It got on the edge of frustrating and then would straighten out so I was able to enjoy it. I really liked the way it ended and how the characters resolved themselves.

Which is why I gave it 5 stars. I look forward to the next one. Apr 10, Janice Albright rated it it was amazing. It wasn 't your ordinary amish book. All the characters were believeable. I loved how the author brought Danielle through alot of things in her life.

William Bradford 's Of Plymouth Plantation And Thomas Morton 's New English Canaan

I don't want to give it away, but, prayer does work and His mercy endures forever. Good read. I didn't really know it was the third book in the series, but I have the first two that I am going to read. Jul 12, Colleendearborn rated it really liked it. An Amish series set in CO. Characters have some depth, and real-life feelings and conflicts. Writer keeps the plot moving. Excellent audiobook narrator. Got the 2nd and 3rd book of series through Overdrive. I loved this book, as I love all of Beth's book, keep writing and I will keep on reading. I loved this book as I love all of Beth's books, keep on writing and I will keep reading, give it 5 stars.

Jan 06, Judy rated it liked it. The last book in a series I do not want to end. Oct 13, Louise rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction. But as destiny would have it, she has fallen in love with an Amish man.

William Bradford and Thomas Morton

Her unlikely friendship with Levi offers some comfort — yet they have so little in common. An yet… God has plans beyond what her mind can imagine…loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never fails but endures forever. He has no intentions on becoming a husband or a father. Matthew has plans to tell his family that he is leaving their Amish community and going out into the Englisch world to obtain an education at college.

Danielle is devastated and flees to be with her good Amish friend, Levi Detweiler for comfort. However, Danielle was now safe and living with family friend, Martha Becker and her new husband, Arnold, a sweetheart of a man. She was so confused and felt if God was supposed to be so loving and caring, then why was He allowing all these things to keep happening to her? But, little does Danielle know that God does have plans for her beyond her wildest dreams.

Sometimes we need to experience bad, disappointing or uncomfortable situations in order to get to the good place God wants us to be. Another factor in this story is the subject of forgiveness which is extremely hard for some people. We must forgive in order to keep our relationship with God pure and totally loving. God loves us unconditionally anyway but deep within our own hearts it can be a dark place if we continue to hold back on forgiving those we need to forgive.

Well done!! I wish to thank Thomas Nelson for the preview copy. Sep 14, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction , amish , reading-challenge. I have read all all of the previous installments but this is the first review I've had the honor of putting up for this fantastic series.

Not to worry, I'll reread the rest of the series at some point so that I can put up a review for all of my lovely readers. In this book we are once again immersed into the quaint and lovely community that Beth has woven into her series. This particular story tells the story of Danielle Kent. In previous books, we briefly met Danielle as a troubled teen--abused by her mother and taken in by a kooky and fun loving character named Martha. Martha isn't an Amish lady but she is friends with the surrounding Amish in her community.

It is through Martha that Danielle is introduced to the Amish and she meets a young man by the name of Levi. But she also meets Matthew Lapp from a neighboring Amish community and though she is best friends with Levi, she begins a romantic relationship with Matthew. Now 18, Danielle's world changes in an instant with a little pink plus sign. Danielle is pregnant. She hopes that Matthew will do the right thing and settle down, marry her and help raise the baby.

However, Matthew is determined to leave the Amish community and he wants absolutely nothing to do with Danielle or their child. When Danielle turns to Levi for comfort and advice he throws out the crazy idea of marriage. Much to the horror of his mother, Danielle accepts! However, there is one thing that stands in their way. Danielle is an unbeliever. Having suffered abuse at the hands of those that were supposed to love her the most--Danielle is put off by the thought of God.

Where was God when her mother hit her? Where was God when she became pregnant and the father didn't want the child? He will be there for you. You will not be disappointed at all. Beth Wiseman really outdid herslf with this one! I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Oct 01, Abbie rated it really liked it Shelves: , amish-fiction , thomas-nelson , blog-reviewed , beth-wiseman. Danielle is not Amish but finds herself pregnant with an Amish mans baby. Her hopes for a future with him are dashed when he runs away from his responsibilities. Will the two different worlds keep love from blooming?

This is book three in the Land of Canaan series. I Danielle is not Amish but finds herself pregnant with an Amish mans baby. I was really looking forward to this story but it did not quite meet my expectations. What I liked: I really like this family and all the characters. Beth Wiseman is an amazing writer and I love how she intertwines her characters from book to book. This story deals with a lot of issues. Unwed pregnancy, abandonment, wanting to be wanted as well as listening to God.

I really enjoyed getting to know Danielle better after learning about her some in the first two books. Levi makes a decision that would profoundly affect his family and his Amish way of life yet it so quick and seems almost to easy. I understand the point being made about trusting in God completely but it felt just a little to unbelievable to me. Also how the relationship status between Levi and Danielle changed seemed weird one minute they where best friends and then they where in love yet I felt we missed quite a bit of how they crossed that bridge.

Yes months passed but I would have liked to have read more of how those emotions changed between them. Over all I enjoyed this book and it made me think about how I listen to God and do I do what he asks of me. Levi put everything on the line because God spoke to him and I found that part of the story amazing. I am curious if we are done with Canaan or if there is more stories to come.

Definitely a series to check out! You could read this book with out reading the first two in the series but your going to get more out of it if you start from the beginning with book 1. Sep 17, Renee rated it it was amazing. I'm in love with Amish fiction again. With authors like Suzanne Woods Fisher, Kelly Long and Beth Wiseman stepping outside the box and adding a bit of "edge" to the genre, Amish fiction has become fresh and exciting again.

With her latest book in the Land of Canaan series entitled His Love Endures Forever, Wiseman has been added to my must-read author list again. I'll admit the Daughters of Promise series lost my interest halfway through but this series is one of my favorites. In this story, worl I'm in love with Amish fiction again. When Matthew refuses to take responsibility she's heartbroken. With nobody to turn to other than her best friend Levi Detweiler who also just so happens to be Amish she doesn't know if she'll ever be truly loved by a man or God. With patience and caring from Levi she learns that God does indeed care and that forgiveness is the key to moving on to a brighter future for her, her baby, and her new family.

I loved this book for many reasons two of them being Levi and also Martha, Danielle's "other" mother. Levi, is so sweet and patient with Danielle which is just what she needed being so young just 18 and unused to a stable environment. Although his reasons for coming to Danielle's rescue are hard to imagine and are pretty unconventional it made the book all the more interesting. Martha whose house and wardrobe are stuck in the 70s is a real firecracker and you can't help but laugh when she comes on the scene. She is one tough cookie and she certainly stands up for Danielle as if she were her own flesh and blood.

Although Danielle was a bit grating as a character I reminded myself she was still a teenager AND she was pregnant who wouldn't be emotional and all over the place?! Oct 11, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. This is a good thing, and this novel deals with some very difficult situations — unplanned pregnancy, abandonment, and abuse — that were handled very well.

In some ways this was encouraging. I think, though, that as the story progressed, the interactions between the Amish and the English got a bit convoluted. I thought this was an interesting point that I had not heard from other Amish novels. However, this point was actually contradicted by one of the characters in the story!

Vera was the one to say that if someone is baptized into the Amish faith, then you know for sure that they are a believer. But then she herself admitted to Danielle later on in the book that she did not experience a true relationship with God until well after her baptism and marriage. So, then is her earlier point true then? Just something that I thought about as I was reading this book. This is the third and last book in this series, it 'can' be read as an individual novel but you would understand and grow to love the characters if you read the books in order.

This is the first books I've read of this author and I really enjoy her way of writing at least in this series she tells wonderful stories of modern day issues but in a way of helping the reader understand that they can incorporate what the characters are enduring and feeling in their own lives. A 'gentle' reminder of This is the third and last book in this series, it 'can' be read as an individual novel but you would understand and grow to love the characters if you read the books in order.

A 'gentle' reminder of how to remember God is always with us; and how His love is always there for us. One of the storylines in this book a mother wants what she feels is best for her 22 year old son; and gets angry and frustrated because he's doing something she feels isn't 'right' for him. But she soon learns that God's way isn't always 'our' way and she learns to let go of her grown son without 'letting him go'.

As a mother of a 21 and a 20 year old I knew just what she was feeling and the author did such a great job to remind me to turn it over to God and know the He has all our lives in His care. Another storyline is about a man fighting himself and his family about 'doing the right thing' but yet what he wants to do wouldn't be what's best for everyone involved; but yet another young man stepping up and doing 'what's best'. The author helps you to understand where both 'young men' stand and feel.

And another about forgiveness; forgiveness for yourself and someone that has hurt you even if they have never asked you to forgive them. You have to find that comfort within you and God before you can be the person God wants you to be. But that doesn't mean you have to have a relationship with the person you are forgiving either as so many people try and make you believe you do.

So much emotion in these books you can't help but get involved with the characters of those within the pages of these books and I will 'miss' them as I have finished this series, it's just that type of books. I did listen to this on CD and the lady that read this and the other two books did a very nice job at changing tones for characters and emotions.

Bringing you more into the story itself. You will not regret the time you spend on these books. Aug 16, Michelle Robinson added it Shelves: christian-fiction. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. People who are opposed to reading much about God in their novels should skip this book. I do really appreciate the way she handles the issue of unforgiveness and feelings of unworthiness.

I found this book to be a little thin. There was no real depth to the characters and I don't know that I really trust in the HEA it was so pat. I understood Vera's feelings toward Danielle. I don't think that I would have felt any differently. Who wants to see someone take their child away from their way of life. Especially when they don't beleive that person is worthy. I can easily see a book about Sarah or Matthew, even though Matthew really wasn't given any redeeming qualities.

His actions rang true, unfortunately, I've known of men who behaved just as he did in this book. I've read every book in this series but I would have enjoyed them more if I had read them closer together. I don't know if I would read another. The timing of each book is spaced a bit too far apart for my liking. There is something else that I hated. Danielle was such a slob. When one person is working hard to provide, it seems like common courtesy for the other one to pitch in and try to help. I had to keep reminding myself that she was only 18 and didn't really respect the need for cleanliness or order.

Her lack of maturity in this area, made me really question if she would be able to pull it together when the baby was born and it made me doubt their HEA, I personally could not life in filth. It is just a thing of mine. Levi was sweet but I could not help but feel that he deserved better than the situation he ended up in.

Maybe that's unfair but really? He gives up his hope of being Amish, raising his children in his religion to marry a girl he was not even sure he loved, to raise a child that was not his. IDK it seems like a bit much, to me. This is okay Christian fiction. It is really thin and is a relative quick read. I liked Martha more in an earlier book her husband was almost nonexistent here.

Interpreting Bias Within Historical Accounts

I'm disappointed but I am sure that many will love this. I finished this book in less than 4 hours. It just did not require much of the reader. Oct 14, Mom rated it it was amazing Shelves: amish , larry-s-tablet. It is estimated there are 6. This revolutionary change in computing continues to change our small business way of life. For more than 12 years she…. Tai Chi can serve as a tool to help one learn to relax and focus.

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His Love Endures Forever (Land of Canaan #3) by Beth Wiseman

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