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Home Decision Making. In the next article of the series, we talked about how to experiment with your options to try them on for size. In his presentation, Heath talked about the executives from Intel during the time they were trying to decide on whether or not to make deep investments in the microprocessor business. They struggled with whether or not they should leave their legacy memory products behind and go full throttle into microprocessors.

Just bringing a little distance between themselves and the decision really helped them gain perspective and get into microprocessors.

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It certainly paid off. Worse yet, it kept them from doing mission critical tasks.

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His goal was to eliminate as many items from the nuisance list as humanly possible. Items on this list included painting the ship and replacing certain ferrous metal bolts. The crew had suggestions and ideas and Abrashoff supported them in implementing them. The result was nothing short of astounding.

When the crew was scheduled for a routing 6 month training exercise, the sailors were so far ahead of the curve that they passed the final in the first week.

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What can you stop doing to carve out time for your priorities. Every year we take on things we want to do.

What are your bolts. Though you're welcome to continue on your mobile screen, we'd suggest a desktop or notebook experience for optimal results.

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Publisher of DIYMarketers. What would my successor do?

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Short term emotion is the villian. If you can find a way to keep that emotion in a box, you can find a way to get out of the box. The commissioner was right to feel twitchy. Frankie is firmly in command and determined to go where the evidence leads, even to the extent of infiltrating the Dark Web. A clearly upset member of her staff comes to her and asks her to look at an encrypted video on his computer.

A coldness runs across the back of my neck. So hold onto your stomach and hit play.

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Why is that? There is a tang of bile at the back of my tongue.

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You played it? It looks like … like it might be a snuff movie. About Author.

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Stories on royals and politics catch my eye.