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Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words? Close Thesaurus. Other entries for this word. The best word to describe the preceding night of drunken debauchery usually accompanied by feelings of guilt over events that may or may not have occurred.

Last night I was absolutely wrecked. And I have a nagging feeling that I don't want to see Lucy for a few weeks. My penis itches. Man, I had three exams today, im gonna get wrecked tonight.

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To totally beat or ruin ; creme. Oh man!! Dude , he wrecked you! Ali G uses wrecked to mean tired.


I worked all night and me is as wrecked as 'ell. Wrecked drugs.

Destroying and demolishing. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Damaging and spoiling. C2 a vehicle or ship that has been destroyed or badly damaged :. Divers exploring the wreck managed to salvage some coins and jewellery. The burned-out wrecks of two police cars littered the road. C2 informal someone who is in bad physical or mental condition :. The wrecks of cars litter the desert road. We go diving around the old wreck.

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They are trying to raise the wreck. Of unsound mind. The explosion wrecked one house and shattered nearby windows. A prison record would wreck his chances of becoming a lawyer. A wreck can also be something that is badly in need of repair :. We bought this old wreck of a house and fixed it up. A person who is described as a wreck is in bad physical or mental condition :.

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Several protesters set out to wreck the company's headquarters. Backbenchers were accused of plotting to wreck the government's plans.

holod34.ru/images/huqenygur/2227-come-localizzare-un.html The property is a wreck. Translations of wreck in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?